N-FAQs 02 – The Hardest Thing About Navy Boot Camp

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Alright cowboys, it’s time to bring back my N-FAQS video series by going over what the hardest thing I had to do while in boot camp.

I got asked this question (and many more) by one of my subscribers and it took myself a bit to narrow it down, but I did and I sent him this message:

That’s a tough question, especially since what I might think is hard might be super-easy for somebody else.

If I did have to point out one of the toughest moments I had in boot camp, it would have to be anytime I took the PFA, which is the physical test. I had to take it a total of 4 times during boot camp while the majority of everyone took it 3 times. The reason I had to do it an extra time is because I failed the final PFA (5 pushups away from passing, dammit!), but I passed it the second time so no worries.

Generally speaking, the first 2-3 weeks will be the toughest since you’re being introduced to a whole new lifestyle. The quicker the division catches on to the fact that they’ll pay for even one guy screwing around, the easier things will be.

I learned a lot from my Chief, and one of the things he said that stuck with me was “everything you do affects everyone around you”. Although this goes along with what I said about just one guy screwing around affecting the whole division, it can also be used positively.

For example, I would always do my best at everything despite not being very good at doing certain things. This helped motivate several of my shipmates to do their best (I found this out shortly before Battle Stations) as well as give me a hand whenever I had trouble with something.

Well, that’s all I got for tonight. I’m gonna be hanging out with some shipmates tomorrow and then back to the grindstone on Monday. Take care!


Lost Vlog 10 – TL4YT Vlog 1 – Making Money Online

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This vlog was originally uploaded to Google Video back when they let you do that (I miss Google Video!!). I did that because it was too long for YouTube, hence the title Too Long For YouTube aka TL4YT.

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I tried making this thing shorter, but the results came out even worse. Anyway, in this vlog, I talk about one of my old ideas for using a website to generate income for me so that I don’t have to work. Needless to say, none of these ideas have seen the light of day due to lack of funding and all that junk. However, I thought it would be interesting to put these up to see what I was up to back then.


Lost Vlog 09 – My Diet & Exercise Routine (Alternate Take)

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This vlog was originally suppose to be my weight loss vlog, but I decided to rerecord it and break it into sections to make things easier to understand. However, I decided to edit this vlog just to give you an idea of what I was gonna talk about in my 3-part weight loss mini-series.


BGM: Fantasia Suite For Two Guitars

BGM Artist: Al Di Meola

BGM Album: Casino

Lost Vlog 08 – Happy Belated 4-Year YouTube Anniversary (Alternate Take)

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This vlog was originally suppose to be Vlog 33, but I decided to rerecord it because I wanted to do a shorter take. However, I was able to par down the dialog and thankfully I did because I talk about some stuff here that I forgot to say in Vlog 33.

One of the things I forgot to mention was that Chrome Sparks has its own Soundclick account! It just has the 5 Riff Ideas for now (I haven’t officially recorded Riff Ideas #6 or #7 yet, aside from Lost Vlog 07), but I’ll be recording some new material when I get new equipment in San Diego.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, Vlog 32 was actually released on my 4-year YouTube Anniversary and I forgot to talk about it!

I still can’t believe that it’s been four years since I signed up for YouTube! A lot has changed in that time, and I hope that the quality of my videos has gone up along with the times.

When I go to A-school in San Diego, I plan on getting an HD camcorder so that you guys can see me in HD as well as the surrounding areas. As I’ve said before, I’m also planning on continuing to vlog while I’m in the Navy as much as I can and hopefully let you guys in on the scenery.

Well, it’s been fun looking back on these past four years. Here’s to many more!


Vlog 02 – A Cloudy Day

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In case you were wondering, the auction for the router that I talk about ended over a year ago with no buyers. I don’t plan on trying to sell it again anytime soon.

I should have just tried to go to an online community college back in 2007 when I got kicked out of UU to put all of the time I spent idling through life to good use. However, there’s nothing I can do about that right now. What I can do is work on the present to improve the future.

I know my stepdad doesn’t want me to go back to college because I already failed at two of them, but I feel that after nearly three years of being out of school, I’m ready for Round Three. I know that I said I’d be going to Edison Community College, but in order to keep my going to college a secret and to keep my expenses down, I think it’s best to just take online classes at Owens Community College.

Here’s the original description of the video:

This vlog is basically about my rejection from BGSU, what I can do to get into BGSU, what happened to my truck and what I’m doing to get a new vehicle, what I have up on eBay, why I hate “essential” courses, a dead frog-thing, and my gripes with allergies.


Vlog 01 – Where I'm At

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Wow, I can’t believe that we’ve finally reached my vlogs in such a short amount of time! Although I haven’t reposted all of my older videos (more on that later), it still seems like I just started to repost them. Ahh, memories…

Getting into this video, I’m just basically describing what I was up to at the time and explaining how I got the camera. Nothing too amazing, other than the fact that I bought a camera and beginning to vlog with a much better setup than my webcam that didn’t pick up sound and would only sometimes work. Not to mention that I’m able to go places and vlog just about anywhere!

Here’s the original video description:

Hey guys, this is my first actual vlog. I now have the proper equipment (Sanyo Xacti CG-6) and I look forward to continue vlogging in the future.

This vlog is basically a short intro where I tell you guys what’s going on in my life at the moment.


Paramore BRAND NEW EYES Album Review

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Buy Paramore’s Brand New Eyes from Amazon!

Several weeks ago, I got the newest CD by Paramore, who are one of my favorite bands to come out in the past 10 years. Their newest CD is called Brand New Eyes, and it’s pretty damn awesome to say the least. Let’s begin the review, shall we?:

Personal Backstory

I remember first hearing about Paramore in an issue of Guitar World. Back then, the idea of a female-fronted rock band was a breath of fresh air. I later looked up some of their songs on YouTube and then got their smash hit albums All We Know Is Falling and Riot. I’ve been a Paramore fan ever since. I absolutely love songs like Emergancy, Pressure, Misery Business, and CrushCrushCrush.

Since Riot! was released, Paramore certainly set the bar pretty high for their followup album. Time to dive right into Brand New Eyes!

The Goodies

I’ve got to say, this has got to be Paramore’s most introspective album yet! That’s not to say it’s a giant wussfest chock full of ballads and acoustic numbers, no, far from it!

If the first single Ignorance is any indication, then we’re in for quite a pop punk treat! It’s Paramore through and through, a high energy sound that reminds me of early Good Charlotte and Blink-182 with some Green Day thrown in for taste.

The song that was on the Twilight soundtrack, Decode, is also really well done. The clean guitar parts show off their competent but non-flashy guitar work, which is one of my favorite parts of Paramore. Sure they know how to play, but everything meshes together beautifully without somebody showing off for 30 seconds at a time.

Although I said that this album wasn’t full of acoustic songs and ballads, it does have a couple good ones. The Only Exception and Misguided Ghosts are nicely done without sounding thrown in.

The Baddies & The Uglies

Trying to find faults in this album is like finding faults in a box of cute puppies; sure you might some, but who cares, it’s a box of puppies!

I’ve honeslty tried to find one thing about this album to criticise, but I haven’t found any yet. No crappy thrown-in songs, no fake overly-sappy ballads, no weird experimental freak-outs, nothing. The entire album is seriously all killer, no filler!

The Verdict

With an album that’s greatly introspective but still remains true to the band’s style, Paramore’s Brand New Eyes is a pop-punk delight that’s a perfect successor to Riot!.

6 Tracks To Give a Clicky-Click

– Ignorance

– Playing God

– Brick By Boring Brick

– Turn It Off

– All I Wanted

– Decode


Behind The Scenes of TheAndySan.com

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Updated WordPress.com – Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Blog

How To Use Text-Link-Ads


WordPress (blogging software)

Google Analytics (website traffic analyzing software)

Text-Link-Ads (monetization business)

Google AdSense (monetization business)

DreamHost (domain hosting and registering)

I was watching a video by Jason of the MyArgonauts channel on YouTube and heard that he was thinking about starting up a website dedicated to people in the JET Programme, which in short is a program that sends college graduates to Japan to teach English.

Jason has been in Japan under the JET Programme for 5 years and came back to America in August 2009 so he’s definitely got a story to tell!

The blogging software that I use is called WordPress. It’s very commonly used so it’s easy to find help for it through forums if you need it. There’s also an extensive collection of plugins for WordPress that can enhance your website in many different ways. There are some that keep track of a certain date, some that display your website traffic, some that update your accounts with social media like Twitter and Facebook when you make a new post, and so on.

Since I have my own web domain that’s not a part of a free blogging community like MySpace or Xanga, the options to customize my website are pretty much endless. Because of this freedom, I can take advantage of monetization methods like Google AdSense and Text Link Ads, although there are some free blogging services like Blogger that you can use monetization services like AdSense. For me though, I’m more than happy with buying my own web domain.

The domain hosting and registering company that I go through is called DreamHost. They’re a really reliable company that I have no complaints about. One of the best things about them, aside from their low prices, is that they can auto-install WordPress for you so you don’t have to deal with its sometimes cumbersome manual installation (it might be easier to do now, but it was pretty daunting circa 2008).

Well, that should give you guys an idea of what running a blog is about. If you want a more in-depth article, check out the links I mentioned earlier as well as the following posts by Steve Pavlina:

How To Make Money From Your Blog

How to Build a High-Traffic Web Site (or Blog)


Not a Rapist Cody's Karate Punch of Doom!!!1

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To my complete surprise, this is currently my most-watched video on YouTube. I have a feeling that the only reason is because it has “rapist” in the title.

The story behind that, from what I remember, is that at one point, when Cody went to his girlfriend’s house to pick her up, her mom pulled her out of the car and said that he was a rapist or something because she heard someone joking that Cody was a rapist although she took it seriously. They talked to her about it and everything smoothed over, but everybody called him Rapist Cody for awhile after that.

I put in the “Not a Rapist” part because Ben was afraid that other people outside the group would react bad if I called Cody “Rapist Cody” so I added it as a mini-disclaimer.

Here’s the original description:

This is Not a Rapist Cody’s Karate Punch of Doom!!!1 Pretty self-explanatory. I edited it because someone didn’t want other people to think he was actually a rapist. So there.


P.S: I have some very exciting news to share with you all tomorrow in my upcoming vlog!! Don’t worry, I’m still working on that CD review!