My Goal, Defined

I was browsing around my Gmail today and noticed that Jane Chin, one of the bloggers that I read, made a post about me. Here’s a link to it. I left her this comment:

Thanks for the excellent post about lil’ ol’ me, Jane!

Having read this post, I have given myself a 3-month time frame. Is this reasonable or should I give myself more time to establish myself?

Here is my goal: My goal is to generate at least $270 a month on average within 3 months by posting content not only on my own website, but by using online services like Helium, Associated Content, Triond, etc. If I have not reached this goal by the end of January, I will apply for a job in-town. I will continue to publish content for money, but I will hold a job until I reach my goal of $270 a month on average.

Earlier today, I signed up for the aforementioned services. Now, I will begin to post excellent content (not that I didn’t before, hehe) and start on my goal of $270 a month on average. Wish me luck!