Help Me Get (And Give) Something For My Birthday & Christmas!!

Impulsive Buying Leads To Giving

Today, I decided to do something impulsive: I bid on an Epiphone SG Junior P90 guitar with a hard shell case on eBay. She’s a real beaut.

The problem is that it may not have been the smartest thing to do financially speaking. Since I don’t have any large (as in $150 a week) sources of income at the moment, it’s bad for me in the long run. To recoup, I’ve put some of my other things on eBay like a spare NES system that I had, my Magic The Gathering blue/black faerie deck, Beavis & Butt-Head – The Mike Judge Collection: Vol. 1, and my old 15 GB iPod that my mom gave me a long time ago. Check out my profile for pictures and more details.

How To Help Out This Holiday Season

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve added an Amazon Wish List to my sidebar. I thought that I’d get in the hoiday spirit a bit early and give my parents (and everyone else out there in Cyber Land) some ideas. If any of you want to buy me something for either my birthday (December 7th) or Christmas, please feel free to do so via the Wish List or by donating via Paypal by clicking on the orange Donate button below every post. Remember, every dollar counts! I’ll be continually adding to the list so if you see something that’s in your price range (I kinda went crazy with some items, hehe), go for it.

I don’t expect to get everything on my Wish List, but in the event I do (or mostly everything), I’ll give away some of the items online through some kind of contest. I’m thinking something like a comment contest.

So help me in making 2008 200gr8! Okay, I know I stole that line from somewhere…