06-20-2009 Singing Videos 03 – I Kissed A Girl

*11-17-2009 Update – Due to accused copyright infringement from my Heartbreaker singing video, I have decided to pull all of the singing videos from 06-20-2009 to avoid any additional action being done to my YouTube account, which includes it potentially being shut down. I’m planning on putting the videos back up here exclusively, so stay tuned for that!*

TheAndySan – 06-20-2009 Singing Videos 03 – I Kissed A Girl

In the third installment of my new vlogging series, Singing Videos, I’m singing I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry.

Because my voice isn’t nearly as high as Katy’s, I try singing in an octave below her. It’s not quite as dynamic-sounding as when she sings it, but at least I can stay in key with her. Sometimes, haha!

The next video will be me singing Runnin’ With The Devil by Van Halen. It’ll be slammin’!


P.S: The miniseries will take a break on Friday the 26th (although I might release a video early that morning) and will resume on Monday the 29th. I will be up in Michigan with my family at Jon’s grad party.