Lost Vlog 5 – New Year's Party 2008

If you can’t see the video, click here.

*Editor’s Note: there is no underage drinking involved. The only people who were drinking were people of age. Like me!*

I gotta be honest; uploading this vlog might piss off some people because I told them I wouldn’t upload it. However, I just couldn’t resist any longer because just the beginning alone is too damn funny!

This was recorded at my friend Cody’s apartment with several of my friends like Eriopolis, his girlfriend Andrea, Ben (from the karate videos), Tylor and Goofy (formerly of Eights and Aces), Cody’s now-fiance Danielle, his brother Casey, and a couple others.

In the beginning, we were playing Truth or Dare and someone (I forget who) dared Ben to grab Cody’s balls for 5 seconds (it went from a minute to 40 seconds to 5 seconds).

After that, Ben dared me to suck on Goofy’s nose for 10 seconds. Then, a bunch of weird stuff happens. I’ll let the video speak for itself. Enjoy!


P.S: My voice gives me super-strength, LittleKuriboh-style!!