Homelessness Is Serious F'n Business…

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…but I think that I’m safe for now.

As I told Kate in the comments of my previous post, I have found a prospective part-time job a town away. I’m going to have my brother drive me there to apply because I don’t have the cash to put plates on my car (or gas in it for that matter).

My mom managed to intervene somewhat legally by negating the eviction of me and my bro as co-owner of the house. We’re now legally guests that can stay until otherwise noted. I’m not sure how long this defense will last since my step dad is the one that pays the mortgage, but it should be long enough to at least get a job.

His big thing is that my brother and I are over 18 and don’t have jobs. Granted, it was bad timing to work on my blog full-time, but I don’t regret working on my blog at all. Besides, beating ourselves up for not looking for a job 3 months ago doesn’t help us get one now.

There are several options to go over if we do end up homeless, such as Craigslist and house sitting. If after we get jobs and are still unable to live where we are, we know what to do.

Thanks for your concerns, everyone! It feels good to know that there’s people out there across the world who know us, much less care about us. This is why I’m so glad that I blog; the connections made are worth far more than any kind of financial income that I could make here!

I’m positive thing’ll work out for the best! Thanks again (especially to Kate)!


P.S: I apologize about not posting a vlog in awhile. Since it’s so cold out, it’s kinda hard but not impossible to do. Once my stepdad starts his job in early January, I should be able to start vlogging again (if not earlier than that). I like to vlog when there’s no one around so that I’m not as nervous speaking my mind.