Vlog 45 – Thanksgiving Weekend Blues

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Depression sucks. Just saying.

So yeah, I’m finally in sunny San Diego! I recorded this vlog yesterday to talk about what’s been going on lately, like my move from Great Lakes IL to San Diego and how I’ve been adjusting to the various differences that this base has compared to my previous base.

I should be getting Internet in my room in a week or two so I’ll be able to update you guys more often than before (I hope).

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I called my mom and we talked about what’s been going on at home. Apparently, my youngest brother Rogi has been getting into so much trouble that he’s going to court in a couple of weeks because he didn’t do what he was suppose to be doing while in alternative school and they’ve declared him to be an unruly child. I dunno if he’s gonna be sent to juvenile detention or if he’ll be expelled from school or both. Either way, it’s bad news for him so I’ll try my best to keep in contact with him in hopes that he’ll straighten himself out.

Also, my 25th birthday’s coming up next week and it’s got me thinking about where I am in life right now. I mean, a lot of my very close friends are either getting married or are married or popping out kids, and I’m older than they are. I haven’t had an actual relationship yet so I’d like to at least get the ball rolling on that.

I’ve been kind of depressed ever since moving to San Diego, and I’m not sure why. I keep in good contact with my friends and family, I’ve reconnected with old ATT classmates, I’m in a new and exciting place, and I have a roommate that I actually enjoy being around. Hopefully it’ll subside once I get into the groove of things around here, which I think it’s beginning to.

Well, I’ve got to get ready for muster soon so I’ll see you around. Later!