Happy 25th Birthday, Andy!!!!!

If you can’t see the video above, click here.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, guys!! This is just a quick webcam video explaining what I did today.

I went to medical because my foot’s a bit swollen and got a ton of stuff to put on it! I know it’s a tad gross to talk about, but hey, that’s what happened! Because of this, I’m on Light Limited Duty (LLD) for two weeks and I have to wear tennis shoes that let my feet breath while in uniform.

Today, I had quite the heart-stopping supper! I had an excellent burger & seasoned fries from Oggi’s Pizza and Brewery, as well as a molten chocolate cake (in keeping with the tradition of all of my birthday cakes being as chocolaty as possible) with ice cream and to mix things up, a glass of White Zinfandel wine.

Well, that’s pretty much all I did today. More videos will be coming out very soon, including more N-FAQS and a new vlog as well as some surprises that I recorded back when I was still in Greak Lakes. Stay Tuned!!

TheAndySan, now a Level 25 Bard!!!!!