Vlog 104 – February 2012 Update

February 2012 Update – Vlog 104


In this webcam video from Starbucks, I talk about being TAD on a ship, the upload schedule, the status of my upcoming videos, working on the ship, and resuming my normal schedule at the end of this month.


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P.S: if you guys know the setlist for the Eric Johnson show on January 22nd 2012 at House of Blues San Diego, please leave something in the comments or message me on YouTube.

Vlog 103 – I'm Leaving YouTube…On A Boat

I’m Leaving YouTube…On A Boat – Vlog 103


In this mobile video, I talk about going TAD (Temporary Assigned Duty) to a boat for at least a week including going underway for the first time, keeping track of my videos via Google+ and my YouTube bulletins, being offline while I’m TAD, working on my various YouTube projects, and the status of said projects.


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P.S: I’ll be offline for at least a week but I may be gone for longer so don’t freak out if you guys don’t hear from me for awhile.