What Am I Thankful For?

As I sit here on my computer this Thanksgiving Day, I reflect on some of the things that I am grateful to have:

– I am thankful for my friends, for without them, I would go completely mad.

– I am thankful for living in a nice house and not my cousin’s shabby old house.

– I am thankful for the Internet, because without it, I wouldn’t learn anything.

– I am thankful for still being alive. Just being alive gives me the chance to improve my life.

– I am thankful for my blog, my readers, and the many people online who help guide me on my journey to reaching a larger audience and help me through my personal growth.

– I am thankful for the material possessions that I have received. They say that money and material things can’t bring happiness, but I happen to disagree. I’ll cover more on this topic in a later post.

Speaking of material possessions, here’s the review I did of my newest guitar that I bought myself for my birthday/Christmas; an Epiphone SG Junior with a single P-90 pickup:

Well, I’m gonna spent some time with my family so I’ll see you guys tomorrow!


P.S: I’m also grateful for this song:

Good Charlotte knows that it’s all about the Little Things in life!!