Looking Back – A Reflection of Reflecting

Lately, I’ve been feeling introspective. I’m looking through the projects that I had a hand in. Things like Oof Da Kitty and Eights and Aces.

You can check out some of ODK’s music at http://www.myspace.com/oofdakitty. I’ve posted videos of Eights And Aces here before, but you can click here for a list of their videos on Google and you can add them as a friend on their Myspace.

Oof Da Kitty – Experimental Rock Comedy At Its Best/Worst!

Here is some information on the band that was Oof Da Kitty:

(The Official ODK Bio on Myspace and last.fm) ODK, which is short for Oof Da Kitty, was the bandname for brothers Ben and Eric W. Miller’s early music. They were later joined by Eric’s friend Andy-San, who appeared on vocals for their debut album, “thE theoRy In miC.” After the completion of TTIM, they tried to come up with original material for their next album, “Be thE oNe”, but it ultimatly fell through. Andy-San recorded some very experimental songs in hopes to revive ODK but the brothers Miller were uninspired by them since they were parodies of existing songs. ODK has attempted numerous times to submit a song for the Dwelling of Duels competition, but have submitted nothing so far. Due to the first attempt backfiring, Andy-San was inspired to create “Trifecta (The Song of Nothing)”, a podcast initially to deliver an apology for not making a song, but evolved into something else entirely. This prompted two more rants, “Nothing Can Happen” and “We Call Him…Stabby [Gormak Is Invincible!!! (Cody’s Grad Party)]”. Andy-San’s also remixed Trifecta twice. Since then, Ben has become the lead guitarist for his band called Short Fuse (formerly Identity Crisis). Eric steps in on vocals sometimes during jam sessions and is also the band’s unofficial gear technician. Andy-San runs the ODK MySpace and is working to become a guitarist and possibly vocalist in his own right. He also consistantly jams with Short Fuse. According to his blogs on ODK’s MySpace, Andy-San still wants ODK to rejoin and record some new tunes. Both of the Millers have agreed to do so, but only when someone submits an idea for an original song.

(Excerpt from the original ODK website) We are a InSaNe Group of people that started our “rebellion” in 2000, Before most u ppl even knew about us. We are round pegs in square holes. We’re not fond or rules and we have no respect the status quo. nor do we show ne respect for a man who hits a woman. Note 2 u : We c u do that u my as well start runnin 4 the hills, cuz theres a chamber deep inside the brain… it’s covered w/ chains so don’t b shakin it loose…and if u do,,, oof the hills head 4 the mountains!!!! We have no agenda, we do what we do because we want to and know nothing else. we’ve never felt so alone and at sametime we’ve never felt so alive. our lives is our minds and minds is our lives. These lives that we have now have givin us more than ne of us ever expected. but it’s hard to live in a world that is sinking more and more each day. It takes more that negativity to keep us down and block our path of ambition, desire and destiny. If u heard the story about or friend that got “deported” from london yes it was true. I’m not tellin the story because I need Austins Permission. If u wish 2 join us add us and we will decide whether u can or not by the way ne of u football jocks, don’t even try and get in!!

Yeah, I’ll admit, ODK’s music is a little rough. We didn’t have much back then. Hell, I had to piece together those songs with Windows Sound Maker, which could only record up to 60 seconds of audio at a time! I don’t even remember how I compiled it all. Oh, how I miss those days! Back when Ben had his cheap-o Esteban Midnight electric guitar (it was stolen from the music store somehow) that we plugged directly into the legendary karaoke machine along with a microphone. That machine had the deepest reverb/echo I’ve ever heard!! Spider-Dan, bitches!! Although, I still think that the demos that aren’t on ODK’s Myspace are better than the ones that are. I wish that ODK would come back! Knowing what we know now, I’m positive that we could make some better quality songs.

Eights and Aces – An All-American Band

When it comes to Eights and Aces, I still really wish I was in that band. What can I say, I love making music with my friends and would totally join them if they asked me to (and even if they didn’t ask me, hehe).

Here is their bio, as typed by me:

Eights and Aces are a group of friends that wanna kick ass and play music! Their first incarnation was Identity Crisis. After new bassist Cody joined to free up then-bassist/vocalist Ryan so he can just sing, they became Short Fuse. Short Fuse was short-lived however, and then was given new life as Eights and Aces.

*UPDATE on 8/1/2008!!!*
Because of the new, heavier direction that Eights and Aces wants to pursue, they have relieved Ryan of his singing duties. Eights and Aces is now looking for a new vocalist with a strong background in hard rock and heavy metal, a solid voice to match, and creative input. If you fulfill these requirements, please leave us a message here or call Ben’s cell at 419-953-0290 and we’ll set up an audition.

Currently, the band’s set-list consists of primarily cover songs with a few added originals.

They are currently on college hiatus. Come summer 2009, they’ll be accepting gigs and will play at any type of venue. If you are looking to book Eights and Aces, leave us a message and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

When they come back, I have a feeling they’re gonna come back as a different band.

Goofy (their singer) was fired before they went in hiatus for college in August. I also heard that Cody (their bassist) quit. I’m not sure about that one, but I am sure that they can get him to come back if he did quit.

When I join or form a band, I want to have people that I know, trust, and get along with as my bandmates. Talent and skill are nice to have, but they can be improved upon. It’s not that big of a deal to me if you’re not that good; unless you really really suck, hehe. If you’re working with players that you’re not compatible with, aside from going to therapy or something, it’s very unlikely that you’ll get along down the road.

So when you reflect on something fondly, what do you remember? Leave me a comment below!


P.S: I seem to have forgotten TheAndySan.com’s 6-month anniversary yesterday. Happy Belated 6-Months! And here’s to many moAr!