Not a Rapist Cody's Karate Punch of Doom!!!1

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To my complete surprise, this is currently my most-watched video on YouTube. I have a feeling that the only reason is because it has “rapist” in the title.

The story behind that, from what I remember, is that at one point, when Cody went to his girlfriend’s house to pick her up, her mom pulled her out of the car and said that he was a rapist or something because she heard someone joking that Cody was a rapist although she took it seriously. They talked to her about it and everything smoothed over, but everybody called him Rapist Cody for awhile after that.

I put in the “Not a Rapist” part because Ben was afraid that other people outside the group would react bad if I called Cody “Rapist Cody” so I added it as a mini-disclaimer.

Here’s the original description:

This is Not a Rapist Cody’s Karate Punch of Doom!!!1 Pretty self-explanatory. I edited it because someone didn’t want other people to think he was actually a rapist. So there.


P.S: I have some very exciting news to share with you all tomorrow in my upcoming vlog!! Don’t worry, I’m still working on that CD review!

Ben's Karate Pwnage pt 2 – Karate Kick of Doom!!!1

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This is a good example of one of my videos that are short, but sweet!

Here’s the original description of the video:

This is Ben’s Kick of Doom!!!1 That is all you need to know!


P.S: I’m working on a new CD review. It should be done by either this week or early next week. Stay tuned!!

My Goals

Yeah I know it’s a really generic title, but it’s what I wanna talk about. Hello everyone, it’s the Andy-San here.

My Goals:
-not work at Toxic Hell.
-not have a job but a means to make money that I enjoy doing.
-go back to college and graduate.
-persue my dreams of being a pro musician and pro blogger.
-live in Japan even for a short period of time.

It’s a simple list really, but how will I achieve them?

Goal 1 – not work at Toxic Hell:
-find another source(s) of income that’ll be able to match or surpass my income with Toxic Hell.
-save up a bit ($500 should do it).
-quit Toxic Hell and utilize my new source(s) of income.

Goal 2 – not have a job but a means to make money that I enjoy doing:
-find what I enjoy doing.
-complete Goal 1 doing something I like.

Goal 3 – go back to college and graduate:
-complete Goals 1 and 2.
-pay off my debts with as much money as I can.
-save up a bit ($1,000 or so).
-apply to a college that’s within my budget, in Ohio, and has a major in Japanese.
-get accepted.

Goal 4 – persue my dreams of being a pro musician and pro blogger:

Pro Blogger:

-become a pro blogger to complete Goals 1 & 2.
-pay for my own domain name.
-transfer my blog via WordPress.
-use ad-generating programs like AdSense to make money.
-generate traffic to increase income.
-continue to utilize various programs for my blog to generate income.

Pro Musician:
-complete Goals 1-3.
-play as much and at many different places as possible for exposure.
-set up a MySpace account, FaceBook group, and TuneCore account.
-make albums and sell them online via TuneCore as MP3s & CDs (and possibly vinyl).
-sell merchandise and CDs at shows.
-sell merchandise online too.
-gather a following and continue to make music for a living.

Goal 5 – live in Japan even for a short period of time:
-complete Goals 1-3 and possibly Goal 4.
-apply for programs that can get me to Japan at little cost like the JET programme.
-if that doesn’t work, find other means to get to Japan.
-save up around $2,000.
-find a place to live.
-immerse myself in the unique culture of Japan and enjoy myself.

Well, I’m gonna shovel some snow. Later!


Originality? In My Anime?

Hey guys, it’s the Andy-San here to discuss something that I’ve come across while planning my next slog: anime originality.

I looked around a couple sites to kinda get a feel for how other people review anime, and all of the reviews were complaining about the lack of originality in [insert anime here]. The thing is, anime is very formulatic. It basically takes a known winning combination and adds its own spin to it. Take Love Hina for example. Sure, Ranma 1/2 and other old-school anime did it first, but I still love Love Hina. It took the pretty standard harem romantic-comedy and added its own take on it, such as the girls initially hating the main male character when in most rom-coms he’s the center of their attraction. Like I said, Ranma 1/2 already did that with Ranma and Akane’s relationship, but Love Hina upped the ante and had essentially all of the main girls hate Keitaro in the beginning and for awhile after that. If I had begun to complain about the lack of originality in anime, I would have sworn it off years ago and converted…to Islam (inside joke lol)!!

Anime is just like every art form in existance in that it’s continuously evolving; constantly changing what it was before while still retaining what it was originally. Take yourself for instance. You’re always moving forward with new life experiences. Those who refuse to accept this will live in misery forever. I know, I was there once. When I was living with my aunt, she sympathised my frustrations but didn’t do much to help me resolve them. That’s why I moved back in with my parents. Although they can be annoying at times, they help to keep me focused as well as resolve my issues.

So what does this have to do with anime? It’s simple really: anime has been the same thing since before it was even created, and that is human expression. While other animals may evolve into something smaller or grow wings, our greatest natural weapon, our consciousness, is reshaping itself much faster than physical evolution. Because of this, our methods of expression are changing as well.

Now with all this talk about change, where are the consistencies you ask? Well, we’re still on the same planet as we were billions of years ago (according to most). We were born as humans with two biological parents. What happens after that is our own individual evolution.

Wow, I really went off on a rant there, didn’t I? To sum it all up (and to bring us back on topic hopefully), Love Hina is essencially the evolution of Ranma 1/2.

As I’ve said earlier in this post, I plan on doing some anime reviews in slog form. Slog is short for sound log (kinda my take on how the word “vlog” was made) and it’s basically a podcast-of-sorts. The main difference between a slog and a podcast is that a slog is much shorter than a podcast. My slogs are around 5-8 minutes long while the average podcast is an hour or two or even longer.

Stay tuned for my upcoming anime review slog on Love Hina. Love & Peace!!