I Need MoAr Traffix!!

Good afternoon, it’s the Andy-San here with a problem.

The traffic to this site is rather low I think. The most views I got in a day was 9. Learning from my Xanga, I set about to resolve this deficiency by doing the following two things:

1 – Tagging all of my posts here. Since I’m far too lazy to add tags to all of my old posts, I’ve decided to simply add tags to my posts from when I first came to WordPress. I noticed that I didn’t really start to generate traffic until I put up videos on YouTube and such. I always added tags to it so my traffic increased. I have noticed that this site is on the first page of Google’s search results for “theandysan”, but my old Xanga is still the first.

2 – Posting more videos on YouTube and putting them here. Tags aren’t the only thing that brings you guys here; it’s also my videos. I decided to stop doing the Raw Score because I thought that 600-some views was kinda dinky and I was getting burnt out again on watching pro wrestling. After doing some more videos, I realized that 600 views is actually quite good. Although I don’t plan on bringing back the Raw Score just for the sake of more views, it does tell me that there is a demand for reviewing pro wrestling. I’m not saying I’ll never bring it back, but I won’t be bringing it back anytime soon.

Now I do have some moAr good news. As only a couple of you might know, I’ve written down several ideas for a manga series and I’ve come back to a fairly recent idea. I have written down the characteristics of most of the six main characters and I’m developing the storyline. I want to start it out as a yonkoma, or 4-panel manga, and eventually make it into a standard multi-panel manga format. More to come!

In other news, our band is pretty much on hiatus since Jon’s now on the track team and won’t have much free time.

Well, I’m gonna get off for now. See-ya!