The Tone King Can't Lose Against Tone King Amplification

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Okay, so I heard about TheToneKing, one of my favorite YouTubers, getting a cease-and-desist order from some unknown company and decided to air my thoughts about it.

I think that in this day and age where people are getting smarter and smarter about what they purchase, especially since their wallets are getting smaller, it’s suicide to sue somebody when there’s no reasonable link between them and profit loss, potential profit loss, or brand integrity, especially if you’re an up-and-coming small company. It generates bad press and if there’s one thing the Internet is good at, it’s spreading the bad news all over the place. This is by no means a threat, but an observation on the nature of the Internet.

I suggest to the Tone King Amplifier Company that they drop their suit against TheToneKing because in the end, there’s nothing gained from this. You certainly aren’t going to gain any customers from it (I sure as hell wouldn’t buy from you if you went through with this), especially since they will most likely support TheToneKing over you guys. Why? Because musicians today are smart about the gear that they buy. They look to people like TheToneKing to help them in making an informed purchase, and stifling them like this will only make you guys look bad.

I’m showing my support for TheToneKing by uploading this video and suggesting to all of my viewers and readers of my blog to send the Tone King Amplifier Company a non-angry email telling them how TheToneKing has helped you with your gear. I hope that they can resolve this peacefully and that we can still watch TheToneKing to help us all make informed choices about all the latest guitar gear.

Long Live TheToneKing!!


P.S: I also saw an entire section of TheToneKing’s videos on Randall Amplifiers’ website. Now that’s how a company should work with an online reviewer in my opinion!