Vlog 66 Part 2-2 – Top 5 BlipTV Videos

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Continuing from where we left off, let’s look at my top 5 videos that are mainly on BlipTV. Here we go!!


05 – Movie Night 04 – Space Transformers

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Although this is the last of our Movie Night series, we definitely saved the best for last! We knew this movie very well and the riff came out well!


04 – First Impact Anime 09 – Naruto

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The Talkin’ Vedalken edited & uploaded this video while I was at boot camp, and he did a great job! He even added a counter for how many references I make to Little Kuriboh’s Naruto: The Abridged Series (15 if memory serves).


03 – Movie Night 02 – Defenders of Space

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I’m not sure what it is with us and space-themed shows, but I think our best riffs come from this sub-genre. It was pure ridiculum!


02 – Behind The Flop 01 – Movie Night 01 Blooper Reel


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I came up with an idea for doing a behind-the-scenes mini-series showing bloopers and extended cuts of the intro tracks, and the best one I think is the very first one we did!


01 – [TIE] “Movie Night 00 – Teaser Trailer”

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01 – [TIE] “First Impact Anime 00 – Teaser Trailer”

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Pure win!! ‘Nuff said!


Well guys, I hope you enjoyed this fun look back at my back catalog of videos! I’ll put up links and stuff sometime this weekend when I have a bit more time to work on it. Until then, have a good one! Bye!





BGM Artist: Marty Friedman


BGM: Perpetual Burn

BGM Artist: Jason Becker


BGM: Fuzz Universe

BGM Artist: Paul Gilbert


BGM: Steve Vai Solo LIVE at Monsters of Rock 1990

BGM Artist Steve Vai (with Whitesnake)

Vlog 66 Part 1-2 – Top 5 YouTube Videos

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Well folks, I can’t believe that five years (and a week) ago today, I signed up to the biggest online video distribution website in the world, not to mention the breeding ground for up-and-coming talent in the media industry.


Now granted, I have nowhere near the large subscriber base of people who joined YouTube around the same time as me (sXePhil, TokyoCooney, RodgerSwan, etc), but despite that, I still make videos chronicling my life and how it has changed over these past 5 years.


Heck, I can even go back a year and look at the kind of videos I was doing then and see the differences between then and now. I believe that my videos underwent a major change after I graduated US Navy boot camp in late August 2010. I also started doing the N-FAQs series on a regular basis around this time as well.


Now before I get all gushy-eyed, let’s begin our trip down memory lane and look at my Top 10 videos of the past 5 years! Due to the time limits on YouTube (15 minutes as of 03-08-2011), I split up the video into two parts. In this video, we’ll be going over my Top 5 videos that are primarily on YouTube. Here we go!


05 – Vlog 04 – Going Around Town

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This video marked my very first attempt at using video editing software (Sony Vegas, which I still continue to use even today, although I keep it up-to-date), whereas my other videos were filmed in one take and sometimes compiled via Total Video Converter, like in my very first guitar video. Vlog 04 is also a very early precursor to the Life In…Video series.


04 – Pie In The Face (Navy Style)

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This video, while it was an editing nightmare due to YouTube’s 15 minute time limit and the very large amount of footage that I took, was and still is a blast to watch!


03 – Life In…Video 02 – Celina & Coldwater Ohio’s Bike Path

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This video to me was the beginning of a more refined editing sense in my videos. I had done a bunch of at-the-time new things like add music & record while riding on my bicycle. Although I replicated it on videos afterward, I feel that I haven’t quite recaptured the mojo of this video!


02 – Vlog 21 Part 1 – Life Plans Chipotle Finders

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02 – Vlog 21 Part 2 – Goin’ Downtown To Myles Dairy Queen

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These two videos I believe are my most under-rated of all time! I had to split this video into two parts because of YouTube’s at-the-time 10 minute time limit, but it seemed to work out just fine. I did things a lot differently in this video that I haven’t done before or even since, like add those pixelated transitions ala Parker Lewis Can’t Lose. I had a blast recording & editing this video, and I believe it really shows! Even Rodger Swan, one of my YouTube heroes, gave it great praise and always referred to it as one of my better videos!!


01 (TIE) – Al Di Meola LIVE at Anthology San Diego [02-19-2011] – Midnight Tango + Medley (Full HD 1080p)

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01 (TIE) – Al Di Meola LIVE at Anthology San Diego [02-19-2011] – Race With Devil On Spanish Highway (Full HD 1080p)

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Although I didn’t edit these videos AT ALL, they recorded a very special moment in my life and they’re also my first set of videos in Full 1080p HD!! Great meal, great music, unforgettable times!


In the next video, we’ll go over my Top 5 BlipTV videos. Stay tuned!




BGM: Song of Solomon

BGM Artist: Animals As Leaders


BGM: Red Moon

BGM Artist: Al Di Meola



BGM Artist: Marty Friedman

Vlog 51 – LIVE Ustream Broadcast! Vote On The Time!!

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I’ve decided to finally hop on the live broadcasting bandwagon ala UStream and BlogTV! Please leave me a comment to tell me when would be the best day & time to do the broadcast!!

Based on your feedback, I’ll decide on a time & date and then announce it a week ahead of time so it won’t come out of nowhere. Judging from the turnout, I might be doing the live broadcasts either weekly, twice a month, or once a month. If you want me to keep doing them, and on a more frequent basis, then be sure to show up & invite your friends!!

Another thing that I wanted to mention was that the video scheduled for today (Monday) will come out tomorrow on TUESDAY, not Monday like I said in this video. Sorry about that slip of the tongue!

Also, be sure to vote on your favorite video tutorial on making Tuna Salsa by watching the videos below and “liking” the video of your choice!

Video #1

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Video #2

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Your feedback has helped me make (hopefully) better videos for going on FIVE years now! That’s right, on March 1st, I’ll be celebrating my fifth year as a YouTuber! Definitely expect something super-special awesome to come out that day!!!!!

Thanks again, guys!!


Rodger Swan (1 Year Later)

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In this video, I talk about the late great Rodger Swan, who tragically passed away a year ago today from acute pancreatitis.

Although I never met Rodger in person, I got to know him through watching his videos and exchanging messages & comments over YouTube. I think that if we did meet in person, we would have clicked right away. We have a similar taste in music and simply put, we’re just some down-to-earth Michigan boys (I was born in Michigan, but mostly raised in Ohio), which is probably why I gravitated to him a bit more than the other J-vloggers out there.

Rodger Swan was definitely one of my very early influences not just in learning about Japan (his videos are second only to TokyoCooney if you want to get started learning about Japan), but in making my own videos. Even now, you can still see some of his influences in my videos.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but when someone so young like Rodger suddenly dies, it usually takes me a day or two for it to really sink in that they died. Initially when I heard the news, I thought that it was a prank or something. Unfortunately, after doing some further investigating and asking around online, it was confirmed that he did indeed pass away by none other than TokyoCooney, who had actually contacted the school that Rodger worked at in order to find out for sure what had happened.

Ever since Rodger passed, I incorporated several things that he did into my own videos to not only pay tribute to him, but because I like to do them.

One of the most significant things that I do is end my videos with, “We’ll see you next time!”. Sometimes, it’s the little things that made a big difference in the videos that Rodger did.

Another thing that I did is cut back a lot on my swearing. Of course, this may not be plainly obvious to my newer viewers who just watched the video I did earlier this week called “Bitches & Hoes”, but if you watch my earlier videos, I think you’ll notice a shying away from, as Spongebob put them, “sentence enhancers”.

I hope that when I do eventually get stationed in Yokosuka, I get a chance to visit the same places that Rodger did in my favorite Tokyo Swan video: “Real Life Shenmue“. Definitely check that out!

Well kids, I’m off to go back to base. Rest In Peace Rodger, and we’ll see you next time!


J-Vid 05 – Top 5 Lists

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In this video, I go through five Top Five lists. For your convenience, I have added subtitles in English after every sentence so you can read what I’m saying.

Feel free to leave me a comment or a video response so that I can improve my Japanese. Thanks!!


I've Been Thinking…

…And I’ve come up with a lot of ideas! Hey guys, it’s TheAndySan with pants. Yes, pants.

I haven’t been updating as much as I used to because I’ve had a lot on my mind lately. I’ve been thinking of my future and what I’ll be doing in order to make enough money  to support myself. In all honesty, I can’t support myself just working at Wal-Mart, at least not as a cashier. I could try to move up in order to make moAr money, but that would take too long and working at Wal-Mart isn’t what I wanna do long-term. Basically, Wal-Mart is my steady income until I can live off of making money from my websites.

My plan is to make several (probably no more than 10) websites of different interests of mine. Those sites’ll be my main sources of income, and I’ll still have this site up as my personal blog. I was gonna make these sites into social networks, but for simplicity’s sake, I’ll make them into a blog & forum combo. I’ll submit my stuff on the blogs and other members can submit their things on the forums. I’ll have ads mostly on the blog sections with some in the forums. I dunno how I’ll organize it, but I’ll get there when I get there.

If you haven’t already noticed, I’ve dramatically changed the look of this site. I got the theme from Dosh Dosh so kudos to you sir!! I don’t usually like 3-column blogs, but this one’s set up nicely so I think I’ll keep it around for awhile.

Well, I’m gonna go eat so I’ll see you guys later. Bye!


P.S: It’s been 56 days since www.theandysan.com has been up and 28 days since www.spicymelon.com has been up. www.spicymelon.com is back up again, but I’m going to be retooling it so it might take a bit before I regularly update it again. Stay tuned!

A Funny Thing Happened To My Internets

Hey guys, It’s TheAndySan back in da house!!

Sorry about the absence. I had some problems with my Internets, but they’re fixed…for now…

Jon’s living with us again. I guess it’s back to sleeping on the couch.

Last week was fucking crazy. As you guys know, my truck broke down. I sold it to the guy to cover labor and I got $75 out of it. After I sold it, I found out that I could have sold it to a junkyard for wayyy moAr, even after towing costs.

Because of my transportation situation, my mom’s letting me use Jon’s moped. Honestly, It’s a really nice moped, but it’s been draining my money as of late. It cost me $88 to insure it for a year (amazing, but it still sucks in the short-term), $30-something for new plates and tags that expire in November (I really hope I’m not still riding it by then), $12 for a new chain & lock, $5 for an awesome screwdriver for when the fuse blows up every time I start it and I push the fuse holder into the other side of the tank, and $38 for a new back tire that went flat on my way to Ben’s house for Eights and Aces’ morning practice (I’ll be putting the video of that up as soon as I get the file). I’ll get the tire sometime this week (I’m guessing Wednesday) so my parents have been gracious enough to drive me back and forth to work in the meantime.

Despite all this crap happening, I think that a girl at work has a crush on me. Her name’s Jess and she’s been especially friendly to me ever since I talked to her after she handed chewing tobacco to a customer and they came through my line since they had more than 10 items. It seemed like the customer had a valid reason to purchase the chewing tobacco at an aisle besides the one that sells tobacco products. I called a manager over just in case, and it turns out that I was right; there’s only one aisle that a customer can purchase tobacco, regardless of how many items he/she is buying. So I handed it back to Jess and the customer didn’t want it so we both didn’t get canned. Hurray.

I haven’t asked her if she has a boyfriend/husband yet, so I dunno if she’s single. If she is, then I might have a chance. Maybe. Like I said, she’s been really friendly towards me and I’m pretty sure that she either doesn’t have a boyfriend/husband or is gonna break up with him soon. I’m kinda nervous since it’s been awhile since I last tried to ask someone out. In fact, the last time I was even close to having a relationship was back when I was in UU with the blazin’ Azns Paulette and Amanda.

In my previous post, I said that I’m planning on starting up another website. I’m still doing it, but I’m debating between two cameras, the Aiptek Action HD 1080p and the Sanyo Xacti CG-6. Both are affordable and are pretty good cameras for the money from what I’ve read online.

Well, I’m off to catch up on 6 days without an Internet. Catch ya laters!


P.S: It’s been 54 days since www.theandysan.com has been up and 26 days since www.spicymelon.com has been up. I’m going to be retooling www.spicymelon.com so it might take a bit before I update it again. Stay tuned!

The Best Part Of Waking Up, Is Problems In Your Cup!!!1

Hey there my lovely bunch of crickets, it’s TheAndySan here with some bad news.

My stepdad kicked out Jon. I guess Jon’s living with one of his friends in the meantime. This might be quite the sticky situation.

You see, Jon gets child support checks and he has to live with a parent or guardian in order to get the checks until he turns 18 and then he’ll continue to receive them until he graduates or drops out of high school. Since he no longer lives with a parent or guardian, Mom is gonna be thrown in jail for child support fraud, which is a federal offense.

If this happens, then Mom’ll be in jail and unable to help my stepdad with the house expenses. Since he can’t handle it all by himself, he’ll be forced to sell the house, thus kicking me out.

Oh, but it gets better! I got the news back about my truck, and the camshaft is physically broken. The guy’s been fixing cars for decades and has never seen something like this before. It would cost me over $1,000 to repair it, so I’m gonna sell it to them for what it’s worth in parts and whatnot.

So let’s recap, shall we? I’m gonna be kicked out of the house because my fucking brother wouldn’t shut the fuck up and lay low. I have no money. I have no transportation besides my bike. I will have to quit Wal-Mart because I can’t go back and forth to work on a bike at nighttime. And this whole thing was completely not my fault. I wasn’t involved at all.

Of course, there are ways to fix this problem, but no one wants to listen to me. What the fuck do I know?! I’m just a bum who can’t afford to live on his own!!

I’m trying out a new look for the website. Leave me a comment to tell me what you think of it and if I should keep it or go back to the old look. Personally, I liked the old look. However, some of you don’t like reading white text on a black background so I decided to try something different.

Well, I’m off so I’ll see you guys later.


P.S: It’s been 48 days since www.theandysan.com has been up and 20 days since www.spicymelon.com has been up. I’m going to be retooling www.spicymelon.com so it might take a bit before I update it again. Stay tuned!

Today's Episode: I Think I'm Gonna Die Today or Happy 11th Birthday, Bro

Good afternoon, it’s TheAndySan bringing the noize on this, the day of my brother’s birthday.

So I was driving home at 1 in the morning last night and as I’m turning onto the road that leads to my road, my car dies. I’m still moving mind you, so I do my best to steer off to the side of the road, but my steering and brakes became even worse than they usually are. I ended up halfway on the left lane and the side of the road. To make a long story short, my car is dead and no one will morn it. Butt wait, thurr’s moAr!! My brother had a panic attack because he drank a whole fucking 48 oz bottle of Cranergy. We all thought he was on cocaine or something. So he’s freaking out and the guy whose car fucking died is trying to calm himself and everyone else down too. I’m having it towed in an hour or so to hopefully get it fixed. That’s gonna cost me my ass, fo sho!

So all this shit happens on my other brother’s 11th birthday. What a way to start your fucking birthday, huh?

I dunno what’s going on anymore. I plan on moving out, but right now, I don’t have the money for it. I wanna do a lot of things, but money seems to be holding me back. I either don’t have enough money to do what I want, I don’t have enough money to cover my expense while I do what I want, or both. It’s really got me down, to be honest.

But ph33r n0t! I has a plan. I plan on launching another website as soon as I get a digital camera. I’m gonna save up like crazy and sell some things on eBay so I can get a camera. Stay tuned for moAr details!!

Well, I’m gonna go on a bike ride to clear my head as soon as the tow truck gets here. Stay classy!


P.S: It’s been 47 days since www.theandysan.com has been up and 19 days since www.spicymelon.com has been up. I’m going to be retooling www.spicymelon.com so it might take a bit before I update it again. Stay tuned!

When You Wake Up In The Morning, What's The First Thing That You See? It's Shiny Jimi!!!1

Hey guys, it’s TheAndySan here with Shiny Jimi.

What is Shiny Jimi? Why, it’s the name of the protective sleeve for this month’s issue of Guitar World!! It’s to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the release of Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland. I’m gonna read it when I’m done posting.

I had my 90-day evaluation today and good news everyone: I didn’t get fired!! Yay.

In other news, I tried to look for a music store in Wapak and couldn’t find it. I’m gonna try again later when I have some moAr money for gas.

Man, this post is short! I’ll try to make it up to you guys by ending it with an amazing solo by my No. 2 favorite guitarist, Paul Gilbert! Enjoy!


P.S: It’s been 43 days since www.theandysan.com has been up and 15 days since www.spicymelon.com has been up. I’m going to be retooling www.spicymelon.com so it might take a bit before I update it again. Stay tuned!