Vlog 30 – Navy Weight Loss Update

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Hey gang, it be TheAndySan here with a brand spanking new vlog!

I wanted to give you guys an update on how I’m progressing as far as my weight loss goes. It’s been 23 days since I started seriously working out and dieting, and I’ve lost a total of 12.4 lbs (that’s about 5.6 kg for my international audience) and I have a 36 in waist (that’s about 91 cm)!! My overall goal is to lose at least 15 lbs overall in the next 10 days. I can now fit into my old size 34 jeans from high school!! At this rate, I should be definitely qualified for the Navy when I go to MEPS next Thursday!

I wanna apologize for not blogging/vlogging for awhile, but I’ve been pretty busy working out and shoveling all this snow that’s hit the region and everything.

As I had said in my previous video, I hope to get stationed in Japan for my first overseas assignment. I’m also considering South Korea as an alternative if for some reason I can’t get on any base in Japan. If I do get stationed in Japan, I’d really like to be at the Yokosuka base. The late great J-vlogger Rodger Swan made an excellent video of his visit to Yokosuka back in 2008 when he was still Tokyo Swan. Check it out:

If you can’t see the above video, click here.

The really cool thing about my time in Japan is that I’ll be one of the few J-vloggers that live in Japan that isn’t in college, teaching English, has a 4-year bachelor’s degree, or married to a Japanese citizen! I can’t wait to be able to give you guys my rather unique view of Japan!!

So here’s the basic rundown of my life plans so far:

1. Continue to work out and lose weight.

2. Get qualified for the Navy.

3. Once I’m qualified, find out when I go to basic training aka boot camp.

4. Work out to get my body in shape for the rigors of basic training, and possibly get a job during this time if I can.

5. Go through basic training for 8 weeks (9 if you count the processing week).

6. Go through A-school, which takes between 3-4 months.

7. Hopefully get shipped out to Japan, preferably on the Yokosuka base,  and try to serve as much of my 4 years of active duty there.

8. Go back to college after my 4 years of active duty are over and get my 4-year bachelor’s degree.

9. Go back to Japan as either a exchange student while I’m in college or get a job when I finish college (ideally, I wanna work for Danny Choo aka Tokyo Stormtrooper).

Well, it’s been fun, but I gotta go and work out since I missed my regular time because I was putting this vlog together. See ya next time!


2/17/2010 – 207.6 lbs (-12.4 lbs Overall)