Vlog 27 – Job Corps 4 Me

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I’m just giving you guys a quick update on my job hunt. I’ve been looking for a job for the past three months and I haven’t gotten anywhere.

Because I doubt that my stepdad will let me stay rent-free for any longer, I’ve decided to go into the Job Corps. From what I understand, it’s basically like college in that you dorm there and take classes there as well.

If any of you guys are in the Job Corps or have gone there, please leave me a comment telling me about your experiences there and if you’d recommend it.


Vlog 25 – The Condition of My Condition

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*Editor’s Note: This vlog was recorded the day before so my mom’s birthday was on the 7th and not the 8th.*

Before I begin, I’d like to wish my mom a happy birthday!!

For this vlog, I decided to go on a short bike ride yesterday since the weather was nice and I had been going through bouts of cabin fever.

The eBay auction for our TV didn’t sell, although it did do better than before. We’re just gonna put up flyers for it and things like that.

My job situation is looking grim, thanks to not only the already crappy economy, but to the upcoming winter season. There are some temp positions available that I’ll be looking into this week.

In Vlog 23, I said that I’d be moving to Michigan in January with my cousin and her boyfriend. However, due to the stupid-high unemployment rate in Michigan among other concerns, I doubt that I’ll be going. I’m still gonna keep this option open just in case something were to happen with me and my stepdad.

So far we’re on good terms, but who knows when he’ll get pissed at me and throw me out again over something asinine. I’d like to have a backup plan for when that happens.

The unemployment office hasn’t contacted me yet on when the over-the-phone hearing will be, but I did receive a letter from them several weeks ago saying that it will happen and that they’ll send me another letter saying when it’ll happen.

With that kind of money, I’ll be able to move elsewhere to look for work. One such locale that I’m thinking about is California, specifically Orange County since their unemployment rate (around 9.2%) is one of the lowest in the state. I want to move out there because I’m tired of Ohio’s frigid climate. I want to be somewhere where the weather’s consistently warm with a body of water nearby. Are any of you living in or have lived in California? Tell me about your experiences in the comments below!

Despite getting kicked out of my apartment in Bowling Green, I’m still glad that I had that experience. It taught me a lot about myself, in that it helped me figure out a proper food budget that I couldn’t do having never lived on my own before.

It also showed me what kind of foods that I enjoy. Even though I ate mostly fast food and other stuff that was bad for me, I also ate healthy stuff like apples and drank cranberry juice in the form of Cranergy, which made my weight remain fairly consistent. I was still overweight, but at least I didn’t gain much weight before losing it. Since I moved back home, I’ve gained a lot of weight (I think I’m up to 220 lbs now) mostly due to physical inactivity instead of poor eating habits (although they do play a part in it too). I’m looking forward to moving out so that way I can start eating healthier and lose all this extra crap!

This week, my weekly Japanese video and album review might not be uploaded because my stepdad will be home around that time and he doesn’t like when I’m on the internet. I’ll still record them sometime this week, but in this case, I’ll be uploading two videos on Monday and Wednesday of the following week to make up for no videos this coming week.

It’s kind of a good thing because I’m not really sure what I’ll be doing with my upcoming 2 Japanese videos and I still need to write out the CD review that I have in mind. The online downtime will also give my poor addled brain a much-needed break.

Well, I’m going to be going to bed soon so I’ll see you sometime next week or hopefully sooner. Later!


P.S: If you’re wondering what I want for my birthday and Christmas, check out my Amazon Wishlist!