N-FAQs 23 – Top 5 Restaurants To Go To After Graduating Navy Boot Camp

Top 5 Restaurants To Go To After Graduating Navy Boot Camp – N-FAQs 23

It’s been a year, but N-FAQs is back with a whole new set of questions to answer!!

In today’s episode of N-FAQs, I list recommended restaurants to visit after you graduate boot camp.

Directions & Stuff

Giordano’s Pizza

Full Moon Restaurant

Jack’s Pizza & Burgers

Emily’s Pancake House

Wildberry Pancakes

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Thanks for all of your questions so far, and if you have any more, by all means keep them coming!


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Intro & Ending Footage

N-FAQs 09 – Choosing Your Weapon In The Navy

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In this week’s extremely brief N-FAQs, we look at a question involving weapons in the Navy.


Do you get to choose your own weapon in the navy?


As far as weapons go, I haven’t fired one since boot camp live fire, which was like four months ago. I might get a chance to fire weapons here in San Diego, but I’m not sure how that would work so I’ll talk to some people to find out more. In any event, I could fire them and get my qualification ribbons when I go to my first ship.


Lost Vlog 12 – USS New Jersey Compartment Tour

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In this previously unpublished video, I take you on a tour of my room in the USS New Jersey back when I was in Great Lakes.

While I’ve been home, I found the time to put together some videos that I had made when I was still at Great Lakes. I’ll be uploading them over the next couple of days in addition to my weekly N-FAQs. Enjoy!


Vlog 46 – TSC San Diego Room Tour & Flying Home For Christmas

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Hey guys!

Before I left sunny San Diego to come to snowy Celina, I made a video showing you around my new room. It’s a definite upgrade from my room in Great Lakes, most notably in the fact that I only have one roommate instead of four, and we get along great (although he can get annoying at times).

Later on, I’ll be uploading a video tour of my old room at Great Lakes so you guys can compare the two rooms (San Diego’s better. Just sayin’).

Originally, I wanted to record a bit in each airport that I went to, but after arriving in Phoenix and having to deal with delays and tons of people, it kinda fell through so that’s why I didn’t have footage from those places.

Since I have a good amount of free time on my hands while I’m on leave, I’m gonna finally get around to editing all the videos that I never got around to editing because of time or whatever. Hopefully, they’ll all be uploaded before I go back, but if not, then I’ll have a good amount in my upload inventory.

Well, I’m going back to the editing table. There are more things to come, so stay tuned!


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N-FAQs 06 – Navy & Marriage (and Damage Control)

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To learn more about the Damage Controlman rate, click here.

In this week’s episode of N-FAQS, I answer your questions about Navy wives and what a Damage Controlman does!

I recorded this N-FAQ on my webcam back when I was still in Great Lakes. For some reason, I never got around to uploading it until now.


just wanted to let you know that your videos help a lot made my decsion easier to join the navy keep it up

idk if you know but im married and have a child i currently live in the san deigo area since i have a family will i have more of a chance to get staioned in san deigo or on the west coast?

Also i want to be a DC do you know anything about this rate or what asvab score i need to get to be a DC? jwing


Thanks man, will do!!

Since you’re married, they’re probably gonna work with you as far as either stationing you close to your family or just moving them with you to your next command.

As far as DCs go, I’m not too knowledgeable on what they do exactly, but check out the link at the top to learn more about DCs.

Hope this helped!!

If you have a question about the Navy, feel free to leave me a comment, message, or video response and I’ll answer it as soon as I can!


Happy Veteran's Day 2010

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Good morning, afternoon, and evening my fellow shipmates and members of the US Armed Forces past and present! My name is Andy and I’m a member of the United States Navy, finishing up my training here at Training Service Command in Great Lakes Illinois.

I’d just like to thank you guys for your service in the finest military the world has ever known. I am humbled by the sheer amount of history and legacy behind what I do as a member of the world’s finest Navy. I hope that I can live up to your expectations during my Naval tenure. Have a safe and happy Veteran’s Day! Hooyah!


Vlog 40 – My Last Vlog Before Boot Camp

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I recorded this quick vlog to tell you guys that this will be my last video before going into boot camp.

I’ll be in the Navy boot camp for around 2 months, but I’ll have my parents ship my computer and camera and all that stuff out to me when I go to my first A-school in Chicago (it’s actually right across the street from boot camp), which means that I’ll be able to upload videos again by around September at the latest (but it could be a little earlier than that). After staying there in Chicago for about two months, I’ll then get shipped out to San Diego for A-school & C-school to complete my training.

In the meantime, I’ve given The Talkin’ Vedalken (aka Eriopolis) permission to upload the First Impact Anime episodes that we recorded over the weekend as well as the accompaning Behind The Flop videos. We have a total of 10 episodes recorded, which will be our first season, meaning that every season of First Impact Anime will be 10 episodes long. We talked about having guest commentators for next season while I’m still in boot camp or otherwise unable to record with him, and I’m totally down with that since it gives the show new voices to develop the series.

As far as how I’m feeling about going to boot camp, I’m nervous but excited to start my new life. I know that boot camp will be tough, especially the first 2-3 weeks, but I’m confident that I will graduate.

Looking back to when I first started blogging via Geocities, I’ve had a crazy time so far! I’ve gone through a lot of failures and missteps, but I know that joining the Navy will be the big step that I need to get my life in the right direction. It will be tough, but I know that I can pull through!

I still want to be able to blog & vlog while I’m in the Navy, and I know that I can bring some value to people who are wondering what Navy life is really like. I also want to continue to make videos about my interests like playing guitar, watching anime, and hanging out with friends.

I hope you guys still stick with me even while I’m in boot camp, because everything will improve once I’m out and able to do stuff again! The Life In… series will really kick off when I’m able to go out and take videos of Chicago and San Diego, and I’ll also be uploading loads more N-FAQs since I’ll know more about the Navy by then!

Well guys, it’s time for me to go now. I’ll be sure to at least write out a blog entry when I graduate boot camp so that you guys know I survived 😉

We’ll see you next time!


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Behind The Flop At Flopamation

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Before I begin, I want to apologize for not having a new episode of First Impact Anime this week. Eriopolis is in the middle of moving to a sweet new apartment with his brother Ben, so I’m hoping that the next episode will be over there. I already have an anime planned out to watch, and it will be epic!

Over the weekend, I compiled never-before-seen footage from the Movie Night and First Impact Anime series. This footage includes bloopers, extended intros, and a concept reel where Eriopolis and I talk through and brainstorm what’s gonna happen for the first episode of First Impact Anime. These videos are only available on our Flopamation channel on Blip.tv.

The name Flopamation, which is our production name, comes from the combination of Funimation and flop. I still hope to collab with Eriopolis even when I’m in the Navy, but we’re still working out the details for that.

Speaking of the Navy, I can’t believe that I’m going to boot camp in less than a month! I’m incredibly nervous, but also looking forward to starting my new life!

I plan on releasing a new Navy video this week, where I discuss what goes on at a DEP meeting as well as go over essential learning material like The Sailor’s Creed and The 11 General Orders. Stay tuned for that!

Also, I’ve got at least one more video to record for the Life In… series before I go to boot camp. In that video, I want to cover Grand Lake exclusively since it’s the main focal point of the surrounding area. Too bad I won’t be around to cover Lakefest and the Regatta and all that jazz since it’s the only time of the year when things really get interesting around here, but I digress…

Well, I gotta go out on a bike ride soon so I’ll see you guys next time! Bye!