Ice Ice Baby

If you can’t see the above video, click here.

Man, does this bring back memories!

This video was recorded during the Urbana’s Got Talent night and was my first of a total of three appearances onstage. I didn’t even really plan to do this. What happened was I was heckling the emcee in a lighthearted manner because he was doing Ice Ice Baby and sucking horribly. If you thought I was bad, this guy was worse. I then had Eriopolis quickly get his camera out to record it, but the battery ran out after only a couple of minutes.

After this one, I did my guitar solo which only the audio was recorded on my friend Dan’s Archos uber-MP3 & video player because Eriopolis’ camera battery died. It’s up on my old Xanga somewhere. Oh wait, here it is:

I’m thinking about putting it up on YouTube so you guys can hear it.

For my appearance onstage, I did a karaoke of Crazy Train by Ozzy. That wasn’t recorded at all, but it’s probably for the best because I didn’t like the way I did it. I didn’t sing it so much as I screamed it, and I don’t fancy myself a screamer.

Here’s the original description:

Hello everyone, it’s the Andy-San here. This time, I’m bringing the phat beatz with my rendition of Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice. The camera went dead near the end, but fortunatly, it caught the majority of it. Enjoy!



P.S: My stepdad’s coming home tomorrow so I won’t be online for awhile. I hope to be back online by either Sunday or Monday.