Just In Case – My View On Cell Phones

Hey guys, it’s TheAndySan hurr with a post about my cell phone. This was inspired by a post on TokyoCooney’s blog.

My brother got me a prepay cell phone for my birthday last year. I’m not much of a cell phone user, but I’d like to have one “just in case.” I never text, mostly because I find texting to be pointless and very costly unless I have a plan, which I don’t. In all honesty, I could go without a cell phone. However, I keep one with me “just in case.”

What do I mean when I say, “just in case?” In case my house is on fire? In case I get in an accident? In case my friends wanna do something? It’s because of all of those reasons and moAr.

Although I love gadgets that are versatile, I like to have my cell phone just be a cell phone. You see, when you go out to buy a cell phone these days, you’re not just buying a cell phone. You’re also buying a camera, a PDA, a calculator, a calendar, a clock, an alarm clock, a notebook, a means to get online, an MP3 player, a video recorder, a sound recorder, a video game system, a video player, a map, and much moAr!!

Perhaps my opinions on cell phones would be different if I had one that was better-equipped than my el-cheapo prepay cell phone. So if you have some cash lying around, you could donate that dusty ol’ moolah to me via my PayPal donation button in the sidebar so I may purchase a better cell phone. Just kidding of course! But I would greatly appreciate it if you did donate to me (liEk zOmg, TheAndySan’s become an Internets panhandler!!).

In closing, the reasons I keep my prepay cell phone sufficiently funded with minutes is to call someone “just in case” I trash my car, my house is on fire, or to see if my friends wanna do something.

Well, I’m gonna warm myself up since it’s pretty darn cold down here in the basement. Later days!


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