Vlog 22.5 – (Recut) KCB International Says I Might Be Going To Japan

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Since I had some free time on my hands this weekend, I decided to not only edit the vlogs that have been on the back burner for ages, but to properly edit Vlog 22 as well.

You see, I was in a rush when I originally did it and ended up just compressing the 16 minute video file into less than 11 minutes. As a result, I ended up sounding like a drowning T-Pain on crack. I did do some compression on this video, but it’s significantly less than the original.

Shortly after uploading Vlog 22, I found out about another Japanese language school called, incidentally enough, the KCP International Japanese Language School. It’s essentially the same thing as the KCB, but their website is better laid out and lists how much it is to attend, which is something the KCB is mum about, although they do list scholarships unlike the KCP.

Now I’m not sure which school to go to! If there’s anyone out there who knows about these schools, please leave me a comment so I can figure out what’s going on!

Anyway, here’s an excerpt from Vlog 22:

I was looking around the study abroad section of the University of Findlay’s website and I came across something spectacular! I have found a potential way to go to Japan for not one year, but for two years!!

To make a long story short, UF has an affiliate study abroad program with CCIS aka The College Consortium For International Studies. They in turn have a study program sponsorship with KCB International Japanese Language School. Did I mention that they’re located in Shinjuku, the trendy celebrity epicenter of Tokyo where Marty Friedman happens to live?!

What the KCB is in a nutshell is an intensive school for learning Japanese. How intense is it? Well, they have helped people reach a JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) ranking of 1, which is the highest you can receive, and even beyond that!! Check out the KCB International Japanese Language School’s website for more info.

So needless to say, this changes everything! My new 4-point plan is as follows:

1 – Get a job in Celina.

2 – Find an apartment in Celina as well.

3 – Go to Owens Community College and take general education courses to boost my GPA to at least a 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.

4 – Instead of getting my 2-year Associate’s at Owens, transfer over to UF in order to study abroad for 2 years in Japan at KCB.

For all you J-vloggers out there, if you happen to know more about the KCB, please leave me a comment about it! I’m really serious about going to Japan and I need to know if going there to study at the KCB is a good way to go.

As always, all comments are welcome! Later guys!!