Weekend Wrestling Podcast – Episode 03 – October 30, 2016

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BGM: RAW IS WAR theme “We’re All together now”
BGM Artist:  Adam Massacre
On this week’s edition of the Weekend Wrestling Podcast, we go over Hell In A Cell 2016 predictions for tonight, the debacle that was this week’s episode of Raw, the No-Chin Music Heard Round The World, and Mother Nature Mickie James making her return to the WWE facing Asuka at NXT Takeover: Toronto for the NXT Women’s Title!

Sadly, I didn’t watch Lucha Underground this week, so there’s no review for it in this episode, but I’ll resume reviewing it next week.

I’ve just been really busy with midterms and big projects these past couple of weeks, so this podcast is a lot more off the cuff than usual. I really like the feel of this episode, so I’ll be using this format from now on, but better organized and less of me skimming through some things. Again, I was really busy this week, so apologies for rushing through some topics.