Vlog 92 – September 2011 Update

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In this mobile video, I talk about my recent & upcoming videos for this month, my mom coming down to San Diego next month, my diet, and the status of my upcoming EP Tentacle Difficulties. Enjoy and please comment!!



N-FAQs 07 – Boot Camp Weight Loss & Weight Gain

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In this week’s edition of N-FAQs, I answer a question about my experiences with losing & gaining weight in boot camp.

I recorded this back when I was still at Great Lakes, but I was way too busy with school to upload it at the time. Enjoy!


How much weight did you lose after bootcamp?


Actually, I gained a little bit of weight in boot camp; but my waistline shrunk so I actually gained muscle and lost fat. Thus, my BMI (Body Mass Index) was lowered.

Weight gain and loss ultimately depends on how your body reacts to the foods you eat and the energy you burn. There were a lot of guys in my division that lost a lot of weight, and there were some that gained weight but lost their gut. It surprised me to find out that I was eating more, but my gut was getting smaller. To be honest, I think that simply eating breakfast again helped me lose a good deal of weight and gave me an incredible energy boost.

Thanks for all of your questions so far, and if you have any more, by all means keep them coming!