Doing Some Housecleaning

Good evening!

As the title says, I did some housecleaning on I cleared off all of the excess ads in order to make the site more presentable. I’m also selling a Merlin EX720 Sprint Mobile Broadband Express Card on eBay for my step dad. If you’re interested, leave a bid.

Speaking of eBay, I sent out Lego Batman today and got really screwed on the shipping. Seeing as it’s only a video game, I thought that the shipping would be fairly small, like $3. Nope! It was a whopping $14.52!! I bet I would have saved money if I would have driven over there in my mom’s Honda, seeing that gas is $2.12 a gallon around here. Lesson learned; go through USPS next time. I’ve dealt with them before and their rates are a bit more reasonable.

Last week, Jon started up some shit at home and now my step dad says that he’s out of the house on Sunday. He’s been putting everybody in the house on edge with his attitude, including me. All this stress is making it harder to express my creativity, although I have had some “light bulb moments” despite the stress. I don’t know what Jon’s problems are exactly, but I hope that he gets his shit together. I know that other people will be much less inclined to help him out if he gives them a lot of shit.

Well, I’m gonna do something (don’t know what, hehe) so I’ll see you guys later. Bye!