My Online Revenue

Hey everyone, I just got done looking through what I’ve made off of this site. Although I can’t give exact figures, I can say that I’ve made a little under $20 this month.

I’ve found that my big money maker was the Text Link Ads. I forgot all about them for awhile, but then they started pulling in some money. The next big draw was Associated Content. I submitted my review of Kaman no Maid Guy to test them out and everything went just fine. I think that I’ll be submitting most if not all of my posts to them. I might also submit some videos to them as well.

Now as for the other ads, they’re not doin’ so hot. Chikita is beginning to pick up some steam, but it’s not really working out for me at the moment. As for the others, I haven’t earned anything from them. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be doing a little housecleaning on

The other day, Jon found an old letter that Dad wrote to me. I’ll post it up here in a couple of days. It was really surreal reading it. Although it was written when I was seven, it felt like he was talking to the present me and not just that seven-year-old who was going to his first concert with Paul McCartney at the Pontiac Silverdome. Ever since reading that letter, I’ve been playing guitar a lot more and coming up with some nifty riffs. I might post videos or MP3s of them later on. I might also do some more singing videos since I really enjoyed singing Instant Karma. What song would you guys like me to sing? Leave me a comment!

Well, I’m off to play some moAr guitar so I’ll see you guys!