Monetize, Deodorize, Pulverize!!

I posted a thread up on Steve Pavlina’s forum asking how I should get SpicyMelon off the ground. After reading the responses, I felt a bit overwhelmed. Although I do have a decent technical background, the amount of stuff I would have to do to get SpicyMelon off the ground is daunting.

One of the reasons it’s difficult to make SpicyMelon is because I want it to be a social network/search engine. Because of this, I need a lot of server space and software that won’t kaputz on me or my users.

Because of the sheer amount of work that I would have to put in to recreate SpicyMelon, I wanted to have it outsourced. It’s definitely a good idea since the website’ll be made by a team of experts instead of a guy with a grabasstic knowledge on the subject. Sure, I went to college for this stuff, but technology changes quickly and there’s a lot of things that are important that I wasn’t taught (like SEO for example). Despite outsourcing being an excellent idea for getting my business up and running, I don’t quite have enough money for it yet.

What to do, what to do? Well, I could just give up and try to get another job that I’ll be miserable doing. Don’t worry, I won’t do that unless absolutely necessary.

My plan is to go ahead and build a guitar blog, either or I could do both, but I want to start off with just one.

The idea behind is pretty straightforward. I’ll do reviews for guitar-related products ranging from actual guitars, instructional videos, stompboxes, amps, guitar magazines (by issue), the list goes on. I plan on earning income from this site by advertisements (text-link ads, Chikita, etc.), joint-ventures (recommended products from, Musician’, etc.), and donations.

I believe that will be my big online break because I’m passionate about the guitar and would like to convey that passion in a way that will earn me income so that I don’t have to “work for a living”. The best thing about doing a site like this is that I don’t have to ship out any products.

After gets going, I plan on adding other sites as well. is something that I’ve wanted to do for ages. Of course, I still want to get and off the ground as well.

“But Andy, if you’re putting up all of these websites, how will you find the time to do anything if you’re always writing articles for these websites?” Great question! As I mentioned earlier, I want to start off with just one website and then add other sites from there. All of these websites can be put on autopilot if I get burned out on a topic, if I wanna go on vacation, etc. How? Outsourcing of course! I could hire people to write articles for me. When it comes to articles where opinion is key, like product reviewing, I could hire people to contribute articles in their name. They get the credit for their articles and traffic for their websites, and I sustain my traffic (and thus my income) without writing a thing! Websites like will require a lot of initial content creation to give potential users a real working example of what they can do on instead of an everypage example.

In order to get off the ground, I want to use SiteBuildIt!, which was recommended by Steve Pavlina. I looked into it to see if it was for me, and although it may not be ideal for something like, it can definitely get up and running.

Changing gears, I feel absolutely drained today.

I had my interview with UPS today. It was pretty cut-and-dry to be honest. The guy gave us a sheet outlining what we’d be making an hour if we got hired (a whopping $12.88 per hour) and a general outline of our daily routines. He then interviewed us individually. The whole thing took like 75 minutes tops.

After that, I went to McDonald’s for some lunch. I then decided to go to my dad and grandparents’ graves. It felt good visiting them again. I noticed that the ground above both of their graves had dying grass on top of it (my grandma’s had none) and even my grandpa’s had dying grass. My grandpa’s been dead since 1987, my grandma died in 2005, and my dad died in 2004. They say that the dead are restless if the grass above their grave is dying or not there after they’ve been buried at least a year. I wonder if that’s true. Hmm…

When I finished visiting them, I decided to go on a little trip. I took the main road and rode my moped until I was in a town I’ve never been to. It was fun, but I didn’t want to push it since I didn’t know where I was and I didn’t see any gas stations so I headed back home. Before I came home, I browsed around the rich section of the town my dad and grandparents are buried in. Their houses aren’t as impressive as the ones in my town, but it was still fun drivin’ around.

From Thursday through the weekend, I’ll be visiting my friends at UU. Genshiken UU’s throwing the Azumanga Daioh M8 Marathon on Saturday and I think it’ll be fun to see that as well as my friends again.

Well, I’m gonna get something to eat so I’ll see you guys around. Bye!