It's Draining You And Draining Me – Blog & Google Reader Overload

Hey, long time no blog! I decided to give Amazon another chance when I heard it gave Danny Choo a shit-ton of money as an affiliate. It also shows relevant products now, so yay!

Ever since my last post, I’ve been in a bit of a funk. Writer’s block, if you will. Actually, it’s more like writer’s exhaustion.

Normally, if I can’t come up with anything, I go to my trusty Google Reader, read some blogs, and hopefully come up with a topic or question that I find interesting enough to write about. However, I’ve noticed an increase in the amount of posts that I read daily. I have a very small collection of blogs that I subscribe to (as of today, 108 blogs), but some of them update multiple times a day and this could lead to quite the reading workload.

So I’m asking you, the readers of; what should I write about next? Is there a topic that you’d like me to cover or a question that you want answered by me? Leave me your thoughts below.


P.S: Check out an awesome interview with Marty Friedman at