The Mental Ramifications of Insanity Videos

Sorry it took me so long to post something. I’ve been working on trying to top my previous post, so here goes.

Thousands of years ago…ok, maybe a couple months ago…I found a video on YouTube dubbed UN Owen [Nico Original]. I called it Insanity. You guys tell me what you think of it.


After this video, I made it a twisted goal of mine to find as many of this videos as I could and show them to my friends and see what happens. I believe that “Insanity” is the correct word for all of these videos:

Before Insanity, there was…McRoll’d:

NicoRoll, while it may appear to be similar to McRoll, is in fact moAr related to Insanity:

I still remember my first INSANCANDY:

And now, for some Insancandy Mountain:

Because candy is integral to insanity, who out there likes caramel? How about dancing? What if I told you that there’s a song that combines your love for caramel and dancing? Here’s a small helping of videos featuring the song Caramelldansen (Swedish for, you guessed it, Caramel Dance).

Caramelldansen – Deidara and Tobi:

Caramelldansen – Gaara and Lee:

Okay, I’d better stop putting up YouTube videos because it’ll kill everyone’s bandwidth. Good-night everyone and remember:



P.S: It’s been 70 days since has been up and 42 days since has been up. I should really get a counter widget or something so I don’t have to post this all the time. I’ll work on that…

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