The Spiffy Scale

After rummaging through some things, Jon found the long-lost Spiffy Scale! The Spiffy Scale was something that Eric and I were doing when we were obsessed with the word “spiffy”. Here it is, in all its 3×5 index card glory:

The Spiffy Scale is based on a 6-point scale: 6 being the best, -6 being the worst.

Omni Spiffy: 6
Ubastank Spiffy: 5
Uber Spiffy: 4
Most Spiffy: 3
Very Spiffy: 2

Spiffy: 1

Zero Spiffy: 0
Least Spiffy: -1
Most Unspiffy: -2
Really Unspiffy: -3
Spiff: -4
Piff: -5
Iff: -6


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