TheAndySan's Day Off!!!1

Whuzzz goin’ on, nuggaz?!! It’s TheAndySan in da house!!!

I just got back from my “meeting” at Wal-Mart. I was horribly late and was ready to apologize when I walked in the door. I clocked in and went into the break room where the meeting was suppose to be held. There was only a couple people in there and I asked a manager, who was there, what happened to the meeting. She said that the meeting was cancelled due to loss of power prior to my arrival. So I was kinda bummed since I drove all the way out there to be on the clock for only 3 minutes. I went to clock out, but the time-clock said that I had to be on the clock for at least 30 minutes before I could clock out. Reading these words, I felt like I was essentially handed the keys to the kingdom. I could do whatever I felt like for at least a half-hour. I waltzed around Wal-Mart, read a book, listened to music, played Guitar Hero and sucked big time (but that’s irrelevant since I got paid for sucking, lol), and enjoyed getting paid screwing around Wal-Mart for an hour and 10 or so minutes. I might get in trouble for doing that, but hey, I was scheduled to be there for an hour, they cancelled the meeting without notifying me, and I couldn’t clock out for at least a half-hour even if I wanted to. At least this way, they paid for the gas I used to get there. I could have totally milked it and stayed there for hours, but I was scheduled for an hour so I figure staying for an hour was fair enough. Was my actions justified or should I have gotten a manager to clock me out? Leave me a comment and tell me what you think!

In other news, I attended the first practice session of the summer of Eights and Aces. They were pretty rusty, but I have definitely noticed some improvements. Ben is much more confident in his lead playing as far as he’s not as locked in his scale boxes as much as he was before. Goofy has improved the most. He’s loads moAr confident when he sings, is tons moAr energetic, and adds moAr of his own little mannerisms into the songs. As for the other guys, they were pretty good too. Tylor’s not as crappy as he was before lol, Cody’s insanely short learning curve is still alive and well, and Dan’s still a good drummer. Dan’s drumming doesn’t blow my mind, but he can at least hold a steady beat so it’s all good. I recorded a couple of their songs, which contributed to my tardiness at Wal-Mart, and although they need to work off some very large chunks of rust, like I said, I think they’ll be all right.

I think I already told you guys that my Adsense account has exceeded $100, right? I did? Okay then. Oh yeah, and the other ad service I use, Kontera, has given me $12 on the nose. *honk-honk* Hollaaaaa!!!1 I think I’m gonna use my first checks from Adsense and Kontera to by me a bass and bass amp. Ideally, if I get enough, I’m gonna buy that sw33t Yamaha bass with the Kahler bass tremolo up at the music store in Lima and one of my dad’s Fender Silverface Bassmans. The kind that he has run for around $800 for both the head and cabinet. Since the speakers are shot, I’m gonna offer my aunt $600 for it since it’ll cost a little over $100 for each speaker. It’s a 2×15 cabinet and a 50-watt head by the way.

Well, I’m gonna see if the fellas wanna do something so I’m outta this bizsnatch! Buh-bye! I’m ending this post with a clip of my all-time favorite solo. Here’s Robbie McIntosh fucking yo’ mamma’s couch with an outro solo to Things We Said Today circa 1990. It starts at 3:33 and ends at 5:08:


P.S: It’s been 1,517 days since I had a web site. Yeah, you’re probably tired of me saying that so I’ll probably stop soon.

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