TL4YT Vlog 1 – Making Money Online. Plus, A Bonerus Just For j00!!!1

Good evening, TheAndySan is hurr to make your day a better place by uploading two bright and shiny new videos!!!

The first one is my newest vlog, which took me forever to upload. I couldn’t reduce it anymore, and because it’s over 10 minutes long (it clocks in at a little over 14 minutes), I couldn’t put it up on YouTube. I then tried uploading it to Google Video, and after several failed attempts, I had great success! Here it is:

My second video is none other than Eight and Aces’ last practice video of the summer!!! I’ve been trying to upload this bugger for a long time, but after some video wrangling, I finally managed to get it up on Google Video. Check it out here:

It’s from July 12, 2008 and their setlist is: Low by Cracker, Cumbersome by Seven Mary Three (they do this song twice in a row), Perfect Situation by Weezer, Pork and Beans by Weezer, Say It Ain’t So by Weezer, & Closing Time by SemiSonic. Enjoy!!

I have interviewed a group from Pakistan to redo, and they want $1,400. That seems fairly reasonable, but I wanna see what the others have to say before I decide.

I’ve tried getting in contact with this other group from America, but he hasn’t returned any of my messages so I’m not gonna pick him. I messaged this group from India and I’ll speak with them tomorrow as well as this group from Romania.

In other news, I went down to the music store to see if they had anything new, and they had a couple Ibanez guitars (they were okay for being in my hated S-S-H configuration), a one-pickup BC Rich Bronze Warlock (that was pretty good for being a $100 guitar), and a Fender FR-50 Resonator. The Resonator, for lack of a better word, resonated with me the best. I never played that type of guitar before, but I really like how loud and clear it is. It has the warmth of mahogany (which is what the neck, back, and sides are made of) but with a particular clearness that I’ve never heard from an acoustic before. I really wanted it and could easily afford it (only $300), but I wanna get my site going first and foremost. Then, I can buy all the Fender FR-50 Resonators I want.

Well, I think that’s it for me for now. I’m gonna edit my next vlog and I’ll be posting it when it’s done. See you guys later!


P.S: I found out last night that I got 2 clicks from my Text-Link ads, which gave me a little over $12. Awesome! I didn’t even know I had those up! Thanks guys! Also, you can donate to me and the rebuilding of via PayPal by clicking on this button, which is also on the side:

3 thoughts on “TL4YT Vlog 1 – Making Money Online. Plus, A Bonerus Just For j00!!!1

  1. Have you considered inventing, Andy? My brother has been working toward his passion as a game inventor for 26 years now, and he’s struggled at times, but he has always been happy with the path he has chosen for himself. Definitely worth considering, good luck Andy-san.

  2. Hey Charles!

    I have considered inventing, and I do have some ideas that would make great products. After I get up and running and making me money, I can begin to do things like that. With an automated source of income, I have so much free time that I can use for whatever I want to do.

    Also, using what I’ve learned in making my site, I can also outsource a company to make me a prototype of my idea so that I can submit it to companies in hopes that they mass-produce it and that would give me another source of income.

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