Vlog 16 – Apartment Changes & Goal Boards

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Hey guys!

In this video, I’m showing you some of the changes that I did to the apartment since my tour video. I forgot to mention, although you might not be able to see it, that I propped up my mini-fridge with two pieces of wood that were shelves that I got from an entertainment center that was being thrown away nearby.

On my goal boards, I have the following goals/intentions:

“I deliver $1,337 worth of value to others and am rewarded accordingly.”

“I am grateful for owning a Peavey Vypyr 75.”

“I am in a relationship with a beautiful woman.”

“I am the proud owner of a Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24 in Whale Blue.”

“I weight 180 lbs.”

“I am the frontman for my band Chrome sparks as the lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist with *blank* on lead guitar/backup vocals/screams, *blank* on drums, and *blankitty-blank* on bass/backup vocals”

Here’s the links to the Steve Pavlina videos that I mentioned:

Steve Pavlina’s house tour and the goals boards

Steve Pavlina’s views on polyamory

As I had mentioned in this video, I will be uploading videos here of me playing the riff ideas that are on the Chrome Sparks MySpace page, which you can listen to here:

Well, I’m finally off to see my folks for the weekend when I should have left around 3:00, lol. As always, enjoy the video and comments here and on YouTube are appreciated, even if I totally give you crap about them, haha!!


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