Vlog 19 – Plans For The Future

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This is my first vlog since moving back in with my parents. After putting up two very depressing vlogs, I decided to upload a significantly more upbeat vlog this time around. Also, can you count how many times I said “basically?” The answer may surprise you!

Here is my new and improved life plan:

  1. Find a job in-town to help me save up for a new place faster than on unemployment.
  2. Get enrolled at Owens Community College to take classes online and get my 2-year associate’s degree entirely online.
  3. Transfer to either the University of Findlay or to Ohio Northern University in order to get my 4-year bachelor’s degree.
  4. During that time, study abroad in Japan.
  5. After graduating and if I enjoyed my stay in Japan, either get a job as an English teacher via the JET Program or go to graduate school in Japan to get my MBA.
  6. Profit!!!

I will be offline for a couple of days while my stepdad is here, which means that there won’t be a Deja Vuesday this week. I’m also gonna be searching for a job and picking up my check on Friday too.

Despite all that, I’ll try my best to submit a video on Wednesday, which is the one-year anniversary of receiving my Sanyo Xacti CG6 camera! In the video, I’ll be briefly recapping what’s happened in a year’s time as well as discussing the future of my vlogs.

Well, I’m gonna get to bed so I’ll see you guys on Wednesday. Bye!!


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