Vlog 21 – Life Plans Chipotle Finders & Goin' Downtown To Myles Dairy Queen

Yesterday, I went up to Bowling Green (OH not KY) to pick up my last two checks from Myles Dairy Queen and decided on a whim to bring my camera.

Despite doubts that I would record anything at all, I ended up having so much recorded footage that I’m splitting this vlog into two parts.

If you can’t see the video above, click here.

Part One includes my supper at Chipotle with Eriopolis (I don’t think he’s been in an online video since a brief cameo in an Eights And Aces practice vid), my revised life plans, and my trip to Finders Records.

For those of you who haven’t experienced the awesome that is Chipotle, it’s essentially a high-end Taco Bell that’s right under an authentic Mexican restaurant both in quality and in price.

Although you can get sides like chips and salsa, I’d give it a pass since the burritos are plenty filling all by themselves. A fajita burrito plus a 21-oz drink (think the medium-size from McDonald’s) cost me slightly under $8. Pricey yes, but insanely delicious!!

I remember first going to Chipotle when I was attending UU. It was looking to be another boring weekend and Dan, Eriopolis, and I decided to liven it up by going to Sawmill Road in Dublin OH, which is home of the very first Wendy’s. I also bought my first Guitar World magazine and a Japanese to English – English to Japanese dictionary at the local Borders. Ahh, good times

After telling Eriopolis about what I’m gonna do with my life, he gave me some advise to consider.

Even though it’ll be cheaper to live with my parents, I should focus on moving out as soon as I get a job and have the money to do so. I know my parents won’t let me stay here for too long and that if I stay, another senseless argument will get me kicked out again.

So, I’ve decided to revise the plan yet again to focus on the next 1-2 years instead of the next 3-5.

1 – Get a job in Celina

2 – Move out

3 – Go to Owens Community College online

4 – Get my 4-year degree at either the University of Findlay or Ohio Northern University.

After going over my 1-2 year life plan, I drove over to Finders, which is one of the biggest record stores that I’ve ever been to. They have a wide selection of CDs and DVDs, including some of the obscure things that I enjoy like Al Di Meola, Owl City, and Marty Friedman’s solo albums.

Part Two covers my brief jaunt in downtown Bowling Green (OH not KY) and then to Myles Dairy Queen.

If you can’t see the above video, click here.

I apologize for the excessive noise, but I think the camera handled it like a champ.

Myles Dairy Queen has been in business for decades and it offers MANY different kinds of things that you won’t find at a normal Dairy Queen, all thanks to some legal loopholes. Not to mention that the owner, Chip Myles, has been running it for almost 40 years!!!! Join their unofficial Facebook group to keep on the up-and-up and to learn more about this far superior Dairy Queen!!

Well, it’s been fun gallivanting around Bowling Green (OH not KY), but all good things must come to an end. I sure enjoyed my brief time in Bowling Green (OH not KY), and I hope you enjoyed it too! Take care!


P.S: The ride back home was pretty rough. Despite the fuel system cleaner that I got for it as well as adding power steering fluid which was around $12, my car was hesitating like a mother and I think that it’s gonna break down on me soon. Super, man…

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