Vlog 39 – I'm Nervous About Boot Camp, Video Status Report, & Goodbye Video Coming Soon

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It’s been awhile since I did a vlog, so I decided to fill you guys in with what’s been going on lately.

Over the weekend, Eriopolis (aka The Talkin’ Vedalken) and I recorded a veritable shit-ton of videos for the First Impact Anime series as well as for Behind The Flop. A new episode from each series will be uploaded once a week, with First Impact Anime on Mondays and Behind The Flop on Tuesdays.

Now if you’re wondering how I’ll be able to do all this while I’m at boot camp, the short answer is that I can’t. Eriopolis will be handling all of the uploading while I’m away. I’m also going to be giving him his own account on my blog so that he can put the videos up there as well as his own series of articles on playing Magic: The Gathering (if he wants to put those articles up there, of course).

I’m really nervous about going to boot camp, which is just 13 days away! I’ve been talking with my friends who have already gone through boot camp, and they have had mixed experiences. One of them said that it was hell for the first three weeks, but then you got better at doing stuff so it became easier in-a-sense. Another said that boot camp was cake. Another one of my friends said that it was hard at first, but it got easier as you progressed.

I also got to see my friend Tylor, who recently graduated boot camp. If you guys remember from one of my earlier posts, Tylor was the one I roomed with on my last visit to MEPS several months ago. He lost A LOT of weight at boot camp; I’d say around 40-50 lbs, so he weighs about as much as I do now (which is crazy since he’s like 6’6″-6’7″)!!

A couple of days ago, I recorded a new video for the Life In… series that covered the Montezuma Airfield as well as downtown Montezuma. When I went home afterwards, I found that the video files weren’t on my memory card. Since the weather’s been pretty crappy these past couple of weeks, I don’t know if I’ll be able to get another Life In… video out before I leave for boot camp, but I’ll try my best!

Well, I’ve gotta go to my last DEP meeting here in a couple of minutes so I’ll see you guys later!


P.S: Before I go to boot camp, I’ll upload a goodbye video as a tribute to my audience and my channel to say thanks for watching my videos and reading my blog. Don’t worry, I won’t be gone for good; but I will be gone for several months and I want to make something to say thanks for sticking around and that I hope you continue to stick around when I come back.

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