Vlog 40 – My Last Vlog Before Boot Camp

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I recorded this quick vlog to tell you guys that this will be my last video before going into boot camp.

I’ll be in the Navy boot camp for around 2 months, but I’ll have my parents ship my computer and camera and all that stuff out to me when I go to my first A-school in Chicago (it’s actually right across the street from boot camp), which means that I’ll be able to upload videos again by around September at the latest (but it could be a little earlier than that). After staying there in Chicago for about two months, I’ll then get shipped out to San Diego for A-school & C-school to complete my training.

In the meantime, I’ve given The Talkin’ Vedalken (aka Eriopolis) permission to upload the First Impact Anime episodes that we recorded over the weekend as well as the accompaning Behind The Flop videos. We have a total of 10 episodes recorded, which will be our first season, meaning that every season of First Impact Anime will be 10 episodes long. We talked about having guest commentators for next season while I’m still in boot camp or otherwise unable to record with him, and I’m totally down with that since it gives the show new voices to develop the series.

As far as how I’m feeling about going to boot camp, I’m nervous but excited to start my new life. I know that boot camp will be tough, especially the first 2-3 weeks, but I’m confident that I will graduate.

Looking back to when I first started blogging via Geocities, I’ve had a crazy time so far! I’ve gone through a lot of failures and missteps, but I know that joining the Navy will be the big step that I need to get my life in the right direction. It will be tough, but I know that I can pull through!

I still want to be able to blog & vlog while I’m in the Navy, and I know that I can bring some value to people who are wondering what Navy life is really like. I also want to continue to make videos about my interests like playing guitar, watching anime, and hanging out with friends.

I hope you guys still stick with me even while I’m in boot camp, because everything will improve once I’m out and able to do stuff again! The Life In… series will really kick off when I’m able to go out and take videos of Chicago and San Diego, and I’ll also be uploading loads more N-FAQs since I’ll know more about the Navy by then!

Well guys, it’s time for me to go now. I’ll be sure to at least write out a blog entry when I graduate boot camp so that you guys know I survived 😉

We’ll see you next time!


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