Vlog 55 – The Weirdest Weird Kid

If you can’t see the above video, click here.

I FINALLY uploaded this bad boy after hours of trying to upload it, haha!! Sorry about the weird, “writing-on-a-chalkboard” noises that you’ll hear occasionally on this video; I have no idea what I was doing to make those noises lol!

I’m very pleased with the direction that I’ll be taking with my secondary channels. You heard right; channels! As in more than one! I’ll be making the official announcement on Wednesday and start uploading videos to those channels on Thursday to coincide with this week’s N-FAQs! Hooyah, productivity!!

On a personal note, I’m still working to set up a system to pay on my various debts. I was recommended to a debt consolidation company so that I can manage my payments easier. Shortly after I finished this video, I talked with the company and we’re getting things started on my debts that aren’t student loans (which isn’t much in comparison). More on that as it develops!

I was talking with my friends the other day to see what other people are saying about me (aka Googling yourself IRL), and they think that I’m weird. Normally that wouldn’t faze me, but seeing that this base is full of “weird kids” and they think that I’m “the weird kid”, I’m not quite sure how to feel about it. On one hand, it’s kind of a compliment to be the weirdest of the weird kids. On the other hand, no one really wants to be the weird kid; it just kinda happens. If you wanna make friends, it’s not very good to be “the weird kid” (so sayeth Captain Obvious).

Well guys, I’m gonna catch up on some Hulu & YouTube subscriptions, and work on this week’s N-FAQs tomorrow (or maybe later on tonight). Peace out, home slice!


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