Vlog 87 – Flying Back To San Diego

If you can’t see the video above, click here.


In this vlog, I talk about watching old Iwate Swan videos, getting back from visiting my folks in Michigan, putting up pictures on my Twitter account, eating Hungry Howie’s pizza, visiting Lake Chemung, going to Myles Dairy Queen for an excellent Triple Chocolate Blizzard, leaving for San Diego tomorrow, catching up with my friends and folks, the status for a new collaboration with The Talkin’ Vedalken, hopefully coming back for Christmas, testing out a new video resolution, making new videos when I come back to San Diego, and opening the floor for your suggestions for future videos.


Enjoy and please comment!!




P.S: I was testing out a new resolution on my phone so that’s why the video looks weird. I learned my lesson and the next mobile video will be back to the old resolution. Sorry for the confusion!

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