You Wanna Know What My Problem Is?! I Love Too Much!!

Hello everyone, TheAndySan is hurr and inspired to post again!! That’s rigth, I said “hurr,” what of it?

Like I said before, I’ve had a lot on my mind as of late and I’m trying to get my thoughts in order so that I can post regularly again. I also wanna get my other sites up and running as well. Ph33r not, for I has an 8-step plan.

Step 1 – Make a list of all the old magazines and such that Eriopolis gave to me.

Step 2 – Sell 20 of them on eBay at a time for $20 plus shipping.

Step 3 – PROFIT!!!1

Step 4 – Use the money to buy a Sanyo Xacti CG6 camcorder or equivalent.

Step 5 – Use the camera for all of my websites, including this one.

Step 6 – Following Step 5, begin to regularly vlog and have it as an accompaniment to my regular blogs.

Step 7 – ????

Step 8 – PROFIT SUM MOaR!!!1

I’ve been doing some research on how to better monetize my blog, and pretty much everyone says this, albeit indirectly: “Pick a niche and NEVaR go off-topic. EVar!!!1” Well, I’m not one to follow the beaten path when it comes to writing, which gives me a very unique writing style. I often combine ordinary English words with Netspeak, which includes l33tsp33k and the usage of memes in my speaking. For example, instead of saying, “I would like some more, please,” I say, “I would liek sum moAr plskthx.” I don’t use Netspeak in all of my sentences, but it does add moAr flavor to my posts.

I thought that because I have a large variety of interests and  tend to incorporate them into my blog, it would make my blog unappealing to people who think that this blog is solely about anime, Magic: The Gathering, playing guitar, etc. I remember saying in an earlier post that I’ve decided to make the topic of this blog about my life. Because of this, it has allowed this blog to step beyond just being a blog about anime, Magic: The Gathering, playing guitar, etc (totally not copy-pasted, lol).

Fortunatly, I am not alone in being a multi-faceted individuel. My source of blogging inspiration, Steve Pavlina, is also someone with a variety of enjoyments in life.  Here’s a link to his post talking about having multiple pursuits, and I’ll also put it up here just in case it gets moved or whatever (Yay, I finally learned how to use blockquotes!!):

Editor’s note: Due to potentially getting sued by Steve Pavlina for super-ganking his content, I will remove what was previously in these blockquotes. You can read his blog entry, which was what I super-ganked, in the link provided above.

Well, I think I’m gonna watch some Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad so I’ll see you guys when I look atcha! Good-night!


P.S: It’s been 58 days since has been up and 30 days since has been up (Happy 1-month anniversery!). is back up again, but I’m going to be retooling it so it might take a bit before I regularly update it again. Stay tuned!

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