WAR 05 – Audiovent DIRTY SEXY KNIGHTS IN PARIS Album Review

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In today’s album review, I want to go over an overlooked release from 2002 from the now-defunct band Audiovent called Dirty Sexy Knights In Paris, which also happens to be their mainstream debut.

This album has been quite difficult to find, but after many weeks of searching, I found it. Now, let’s begin the review:

Personal Backstory

I first heard Audiovent on a Friday when my mom and I were picking up pizza from Little Caesers. Their single The Energy was on the Sirius/XM channel Bonesaw and I loved it! It reminded me of the 90s post-grunge era in a good way.

After looking them up online, I managed to download The Energy, but I couldn’t find anything else until recently when I got their album. I also looked for clips of them on YouTube, but there are only a handful.

Apparantly, Audiovent broke up after an unsuccessful tour with Theory of a Deadman and Incubus and before their label dropped them. *Fun Fact* Most of the members of Audiovent are related to the members of Incubus, which might explain why they weren’t a big hit on tour; nepotism anyone?

The Track Breakdown

The first track and the main song that everybody knows from Audiovent, The Energy, is a killer dose of post-grunge era rock!

The next song, Looking Down, is their second single that has a big Foo Fighters feel to it.

Track 3 is I Can’t Breathe, which reminds me a lot of Papa Roach.

Up next is When The Rain, a slower number that has a passing resemblence to Alice In Chains.

After that, it’s One Small Choice, a song that screams alternative rock circa late 90s-early 00s.

Sweet Frustration is a lighter acoustic piece that gives me the feeling of being on a beach.

The seventh track, Stalker, is a short-but-sweet rock track that you can definitely dance to.

Gravity starts out with a Nirvana-esque drumline and progresses into one of the best tracks on this album!

Underwater Silence has a System of a Down/Staind vibe about it, but offers something original too.

Track 10 is Back and Forth, an alternative rock number that’s singleworthy.

The next track, Beautiful Addiction, sounds like we’re getting near the end of the album if you know what I mean (it’s actually not that bad, but it’s not that original either).

After that is the 12th and final track on this album, When I Drown, which threw me for a loop with the piano, but it’s a nice closing track to this album nonetheless.

The Goodies, The Baddies & The Uglies

Although some people online have criticized the slick production on Dirty Sexy Knights In Paris, I don’t mind it because Nirvana had a similar “problem” with Nevermind and it’s one of my all-time favorite albums.

Being able to look at the tracks beyond The Energy and Looking Down, I can see why this band didn’t really go anywhere commercially-speaking. Audiovent did put a lot of interesting parts within the songs, but I kept on getting the feeling that I’ve heard all of it before. I’m not saying there’s copyright infrindgement afoot, but there are loads of stylistic similarities that make it hard for me to connect with them. I’m sure others who have listened to Dirty Sexy Knights In Paris can say the same thing too.

Listening to them live via the few clips on YouTube also shed some light on their problems. Their singer, while he sounded great on the album, was struggling big-time on stage. He also had a habit of mimicing Robert Plant with his prancing and all that (it’s kinda weird).

The Verdict

Even with the overly slick production, been-there-done that-songs, and a singer that wasn’t very good on-stage, Audiovent’s Dirty Sexy Knights In Paris is a fun look back to the end of the post-grunge era!

6 Tracks To Give a Clicky-Click

– The Energy

– Looking Down

– I Can’t Breathe

– When The Rain

– Stalker

– Gravity

– Back and Forth

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P.S: Sorry about the poor video quality. I was trying to do what I did for the Ocean Eyes review, but I ended up looking like Zordon’s dorky cousin, haha!

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