Writer's Block For The Lose!!!1

Good evening, it’s the Andy-San here still frustated with this bout of writer’s block.

I guess it started after my last blog post. I was psyched to begin writing my review on one of my favorite anime, Love Hina. When I sat down to write it out, my mind was a total blank. I figured, “Meh, I guess I’ll write it later.” It’s been four days and still nothing. Man this sucks!! I know the storyline, I know the characters, I have the knowledge to write this review, but my mind goes blah when I try to type it out. In an attempt to bust out of my writing funk, I’ve been listening to Carmelldansen (Speedycake Remix) a lot. I recently discovered the song whilst perusing the interwebs and apparently it’s been around for awhile. So be patient my dear readers, for my review of Love Hina will be coming soon (oh wait, I said that already in one of my previous posts)!

Well, I’m gonna hit the hay so g’night!


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